Do you know the story about Clemco Denmark?

Our customers often ask us who Clemco actually is, and how Clemco Denmark is linked to the Clemco Group. It is important for us to mention that Clemco Denmark is a privately-owned company distributing Clemco equipment and carrying the Clemco name of historical reasons. The company is not part of the Clemco group anymore. However, we are an official distributor of Clemco and Munkebo products, and a licensed integrator of shot blasting equipment focusing on shot blasting systems and Clemco Denmark's in-house developed robotic solutions for surface treatment. But how does the story relate to the interesting company, that for so many years, has provided surface treatment equipment for the steel and construction industries all over the world?

It all began with a rental business with larger facilities for the construction industry in San Francisco

At about the same time as the construction of the Golden Gate Bridge, the construction industry was doing very well. And it was about this time, and here in San Francisco, that A. J. Cleary got the idea of starting up a rental company renting out larger plants for the construction industry.

It all begins in 1941 in San Francisco, when a man named Alfred J. Cleary begins leasing out equipment and machinery to the construction industry, which was at that time rapidly developing. For what concerned the shot blasting equipment he was renting out, A. J. Cleary believed that it was of relatively poor quality, and so he decided to start producing the plants himself. That was apparently a good idea and it turned into a great success, and in 1958 Clemco opened their first foreign store in England. And in London the equipment was used to shot blast and clean the surfaces of Buckingham Palace, London's Tower Bridge and the Tower of London. And then it went fast, and Clemco became a recognized name around the world. The shot blasting systems from Clemco were used for oil rigs in Singapore, for mining equipment in Australia and oil storage tanks in Saudi Arabia. In 1974, Clemco took the next big step and launched Clemco International GmbH - a subsidiary with an office and factory close to Munich in Germany, which was and still is serving Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Clemco International founded subsidiaries with offices in Estonia, Spain and Singapore, a factory in Hungary, and an office and factory in Denmark. And the company in Denmark is the company that we know as Clemco Denmark A/S today.

Clemco Denmark has its roots and culture in Denmark, but is also embracing the American spirit

The current owner and manager of Clemco Denmark, Frederik Nielsen, who took over Ferlov Clemco in 2011. He has embraced both the old Clemco culture in the organization, and the old Ferlov traditions, while also being very innovative, openminded and heading straight forward to the future developing automation and robotic solutions.





At Clemco Denmark we all agree that people, good service and professionalism is important elements in today’s business. On the photo you see a part of the Clemco Team in Skanderborg, Denmark.

Clemco Denmark was originally a Danish-owned company from 1949 called Ole H. Ferlov. Ole Ferlov was the name of the guy who started up this business selling shot blasting equipment and other surface treatment machines. Due to the many similarities between Clemco in the US and Ole H. Ferlov, A. J. Cleary and Ole Ferlov met at several industry events around the world, and a lifelong friendship was established – and so was a good business relationship. The two sons of Ole Ferlov, Peter and Henrik took over the business after their father and ran the business after his death. In 2001 the Ferlov brothers sold the company to Clemco Industries in the United States, and the company changed its name to Ferlov Clemco. In 2008, Frederik Nielsen was hired to run the US-owned Ferlov Clemco business in Denmark. And in 2011, Frederik Nielsen took over the company and called it Clemco Denmark to maintain the good relationships and to maintain customers' knowledge of Clemco. From that moment, there was no longer any ownership relations between Clemco in the US and Clemco Denmark, but the collaboration between the two companies is still running at full speed today, and together they are developing new solutions for surface treatment for the future.

Clemco Denmark is a fantastic team of great employees doing a great job with high professionalism and deep loyalty. At Clemco Denmark there is an outstanding team spirit, and all employees stand up for each other – also during tough times. Many of Clemco Denmark's employees have been employed for well over 10 years, and several have been part of the team for more than 20 and even 25 years. The long-lasting employments in Clemco Denmark is a result of great loyalty and a profound job satisfaction. Clemco Denmark is a company where you can develop as a person, a company in development, and a company that appreciates people, service and professionalism.

Clemco Denmark's product portfolio also includes products and plants from Munkebo Clemco. Munkebo Clemco consists of offices and factories in Munkebo on Funen in Denmark. Munkebo is an internationally recognized manufacturer of vacuum units, blast media transportation, recycling systems and ventilation systems. Clemco International bought Munkebo in 2006 and Munkebo became Munkebo Clemco. Clemco Denmark's relation to Munkebo Clemco is that we are the official exclusive distributor of Munkebo Clemco equipment in Denmark. Also, in connection with robotic solutions, we have a good business relation with exports to the rest of the world.

Development, innovation and robotic solutions have become a major part of Clemco Denmark

Trading and service with equipment and machines for shot blasting, metallization and airless painting is a very important part of the business in Clemco Denmark. Since the new ownership structure, we have focused more and more on exporting our turnkey solutions and automation systems within surface treatment. This means that Clemco Denmark is an international specialized company, which also supplies robotic solutions for the wind industry, oil & gas as well as in the automotive industry. It is a journey that we have been on for a long time, but today we have a good foundation for the future, where we can offer in-house developed robotic solutions to our customers.

On the picture to the right:
A robotic installation for shot blasting at a customer this summer. Our robotic solutions are on high demand within the off-shore wind energy industry all around the world. The robots have taken us to Vietnam, China, Japan, Scotland, Belgium, Holland and Sweden so far.


About Clemco

We offer some of the most proven equipment and facilities for shot blasting, metallization and airless painting. We have a very long working relationship with our carefully selected suppliers predominantly from Europe and the United States.

About Clemco Denmark

Clemco Denmark A/S is a wholesale and project orientated enterprise within machines and equipment for surface treatment. We offer a wide range of products and services for surface treatment of steel and sales of airless paint pumps for contractors.

Clemco Denmark is a licensed integrator of Clemco and Munkebo equipment and is legally independent from Clemco International and Clemco Industries.

We offer some of the most proven equipment and facilities for shot blasting, metallization and airless painting. We have a very long working relationship with our carefully selected suppliers predominantly from Europe and the United States. This means that we have achieved very stable supplier / customer relationships, and that we over many years has built up a strong knowledge about the products, which we gladly pass on to our customers.

Clemco Denmark is a specialist company that manufactures and sells machinery and equipment for surface treatment of steel buildings. Our vision is that with our solid knowledge of surface treatment we can preserve the value of steel structures and buildings in aggressive environments.
Our mission is always to provide the best facilities and systems within industrial coatings for painters and shot blasters. We will meet our mission by constantly developing our knowledge of surface treatment methods, in order to offer the most durable products to our customers in the industrial coatings and for painters.

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