Powder coating on steel structures

Clemco Denmark has just taken over the distribution of the best equipment for powder coating from the Swiss company MS. MS is a supplier of a wide range of powder coating systems. We expect to offer our customers a combined delivery of both sand or wheel blasting as well as the subsequent powder coating. In this way, we can now provide complete powder coating solutions for manual application and application with robotic powder coating systems.

Powder coating is a process of applying paint in powder form. Conventional liquid paints comprised of pigments and binders are mixed with solvents to be liquid. Powder coating is solvent-free, so when powder coating only the dry pigments and binders are used. Once the powder has been sprayed on an object it is heated in an oven whereby the powder melts and becomes liquid, and when it cools down it dries and becomes hard and get a very nice finish.

Before you begin the powder coating process, the steel workpiece should be thoroughly cleaned. In some cases, the steel is covered by a so called oil film. It aims to prevent the steel to rust, and it must be removed with iron phosphate before further surface treatment. Moreover, any mill scale and rust should be removed before you can perform a consistent and uniform coating. This is done by using sand or wheel blasting. Both methods give a uniform and smooth surface which is ideal for the following powder coating, at the same time it improves the adhesion of the powder layer. For a shot blasting process, we recommend the use of steel grit as blowing agent. It effectively removes rust and mill scale.

Powder coating currently has a large number of unique competitive advantages compared to other coating systems for objects which require e.g. corrosion protection, impact and scratch resistance as well as the desire for a painting price which is able to pay. The powder coating is a relatively simple process and you can easily and with great benefit automate the process with either robot or reciprocator. Clemco Denmark can also help you with facilities for internal powder coating of pipes.

Frederik Nielsen

"We have great experience within powder coating on steel structures - you want to get more information? Please call me!"

Frederik Nielsen CEO, Clemco Denmark

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