Polyurea for surface treatment

Surface treatment with Polyurea
Polyurea has been used in the United States for many years, but the big breakthrough is still waiting in Denmark

CLEMCO Danmark has over the last six years been running a series of experiments with various clients about the use of polyurea coatings on floors and steel structures in high-risk environments.
Polyurea is a 2-component material, which can be sprayed on steel, concrete, plastic and wood. The material is like a rubber skin and can be applied in thicknesses from about 0.5 to 5 mm. Polyurea has a strong adhesion to steel and concrete with a huge tensile strength, if the basic preparatory work for example, sandblasting is performed.

Polyurea coatings are used where there is a need for a material having a high wear resistance and a high degree of protection. Polyurea is very resistant to various chemicals at high temperatures and therefore the material is often used for petrol stations. It is possible to tailor a polyurea type to the exact task the material has to solve. If, for example you want to protect wood against heavy rains, you should produce a polyurea that gives a good adhesion on wood with a good finish and an acceptable UV resistance. On concrete, it is sometimes necessary to pretreat with a primer in order to ensure a very good adhesion and avoiding the pin-hole effect.

Polyurea can be produced with curing times down to 5-6 seconds, which makes it possible to walk on newly treated surface immediately after spraying. This provides some distinct advantages in applications where very large surfaces are treated with polyurea. Polyurea has been used for many years in the USA. It is used for a variety of tasks within surface treatments of petrol stations, the construction industry for concrete and steel constructions.

CLEMCO Danmark sells Wiwa airless painting systems specially designed for spraying with polyurea. For more information about the possibilities with polyurea and a demonstration of our polyurea painting systems, please contact Frederik Nielsen on +45 4042 5002 or email: frederik.nielsen@clemco.dk.
We always have a Wiwa polyurea plant ready for demonstration and test spraying.

Frederik Nielsen

"Are you interested in surface treatment with polyurea and 2 component spray painting systems, then please call me?"

Frederik Nielsen CEO, Clemco Denmark

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