Construction Industry

Steel constructions for buildings makes it possible to achieve large column-free areas and flexibility in design and layout. Steel is the most important material for load-bearing structures in construction and is used by architects to give buildings their distinctive look. The large freedom of design is obtained on the basis of high strength steel and the relatively easy processing methods required for the production of load-bearing elements in steel. Steel used for construction must always be surface treated to prevent corrosion and to appear in the right color. In addition, there may be specific fire requirements to be met with fire inhibitory paints. With our knowledge shotblasting and airless paint equipment for steel construction, we can advise you on everything within surface treatment of steel rafters and other construction steel.

As a customer at Clemco Denmark you get:

  1. Lots of products and spare parts on stock and we are therefore able to deliver your order from day to day (within the borders of Denmark)
  2. Call our team of salesmen or service technicians and they will guide you on spot if a problem occurs
  3. We can give you advice about what equipment that suits best for a given job

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