Coating Contractors

When the project is in progress on the construction site, it is important to have a supplier who can deliver from day to day. When you call Clemco Denmark you will always get in touch with an expert to guide and advice on everything within abrasives, spare parts and consumables.

It is important that your surface treatment equipment is transportable, so that you can easily set up your shot blasting machines and paint pumps on site, and that it works when you plug-in compressed air. For many years we have taken responsibility for the fact that the equipment is well functioning and of a quality that lasts for many hours of daily operation under harsh conditions. Clemco Denmark has always spare parts and consumable parts on stock to be able to deliver what you need from day to day. Let us help and guide you with your next surface cleaning projects, whether it is on bridges, in silos or tanks or other metal and concrete structures. We have seen everything within the surface treatment industry.

As a customer at Clemco Denmark you get:

  1. Lots of products and spare parts on stock and we are ofcourse able to deliver your order from day to day (within the borders of Denmark)
  2. Call our team of salesmen or service technicians and they will guide you on spot if a problem occurs
  3. We give you advice about what equipment that suits best for a given job

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