Wheel Blasting

By selecting a wheel blasting machine you will obtain distinct advantages in the production of parts of a certain volume. Clemco Denmark makes painstaking trial evaluations of the items to be wheel blasted. This testing provides a basis for chosing a specific automated wheel blasting system. We offer wheel blasting machines designed to perform cleaning with a maximum of efficiency while ensuring a smooth installation in a customer's production line.

The choice of a wheel blasting machine is determined by several parameters that are essential for an optimal result on the finished item. Clemco Denmark offers wheel blasting machines from OMSG in Italy that we have been cooperating with for over 30 years. These machines provide the best performance and lifespan compared to the investment.

As a customer at Clemco Denmark you get:

  1. We advice and guide you about what wheel blasting machine that suits best for a given job
  2. Smooth integration of wheel blasting machines in the production flow
  3. if a problem occurs you just call our team of salesmen or service technicians and they will guide you on spot
  4. Clemco Denmark offers automated robot solution within surface treatment
  5. We offer project management, engineering, consulting in connection with environmental and fire approvals. We have experience ranging from local fire statutes in Denmark to seismic protection in South America

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