Clemco Denmarks solutions for wind energy manufacturing

Denmark is a pioneer within wind power. According to a report made by the Ministry of Climate published in the 2016, a large part of our energy consumption will be covered by wind turbines, and 42 percent of Denmark's total power consumption now comes from wind energy.

Clemco Denmark were there from the very beginning, and we are now a world leader when it comes to solutions related to surface treatment and coatings of i.e. tower segments, hubs, blades, generator platforms monopiles and jackets.

Wind energy requires great demands to surface treatment and coatings. Our assortment of products covers the entire surface treatment process from blasting to zinc-aluminum metallization and airless painting with epoxy and polyurethane systems.

Besides equipment for surface treatment we provide complete booths for shot blasting includiing ventilation and cleaning of abrasives (steel grit). Our booths for metallization are performed according to the highest standards of production and with a strict focus on safety concerning dust collectors to prevent fires and explosions.

At Clemco Denmark you meet a team of experts:

  1. Clemco Denmark offers automated robot solutions within surface treatment
  2. We offer project management, engineering, consulting in connection with environmental and fire approvals. We have experience ranging from local fire statutes in Denmark to seismic protection in South America
  3. We engineer complete solutions ranging from the smallest shot blasting cabinets to large process lines with conveyor and separate compartment booths for shot blasting, metallization, painting and IR drying

    Also take a look at our turn-key solutions with robots.

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