Clemco Denmark is about to deliver yet another robotic solution for shot blasting of big steel structures



Clemco Denmark has delivered several automation solutions in the field of surface treatment of steel structures. Right now we are delivering an 8-axis gantry solution for shot blasting of large steel structures to a customer in the oil & gas industry. The project is entirely driven by our construction team, and it is always very exciting to see the solution being factory tested here at Clemco Denmark before we pass it on into the world.

Our 8-axis robot solution is able to shot blast structures that are over 6 meters long and typically weigh 12-16 tons. We have other robotic solutions ready in a few months for even larger items to be delivered to the wind industry, where the steel parts typically weigh over 20 tons.

Our robot solutions are completely self-developed by Clemco Denmark, and many resources are put into each project. We are glad our customers, have welcomed our robotic solutions in surface preparation.

The advantages of using robots for shot blasting is that an automation solution delivers a very uniform roughness, with a shorter blasting time compared to manual shot blasting. The robot has quite a big range of more than 6x6 meters in horizontal level and over 3 meters in vertical level, so the flexibility is high and can be adapted to the customer's many types of steel structures.

Clemco Denmark has customers for robot solutions within the EU and Asia

Most of our customers come from within the EU and especially Asia, from where we are currently experiencing a great deal of interest. At Clemco Denmark we are very proud that our skilled designers and automation specialists have developed a durable robot solution that is able to perform a rather demanding shot blasting task with a result that exceeds the output of manual shot blasting by far.

Very soon, we have other robot solutions for delivery to the automotive industry within the painting of engines for trucks, and within the wind industry where we have a high demand for our metallization solution specially developed for wind turbine towers. Remember you are always welcome to contact us if you want to know more about how to automate your surface treatment.

Frederik Nielsen

"If you want to know more about how to automate your surface treatment, please contact me"

Frederik Nielsen Clemco Denmark

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