This summer we have been very busy installing robotic solutions for surface treatment around the world

This summer Clemco Denmark has visited both Sweden, Scotland and Japan, where we have installed our in-house developed robotic solutions for both shot blasting and spray painting.

Our technical project department has installed two complete robotic solutions for shot blasting in Sweden and Scotland respectively, and a complete 2K system for epoxy- and polyurethane painting of windtower sections in Japan.

For what concerns all three projects, is that we have invested a lot of time and energy in design and development. It is now great to see the final results of the robotic surface treatment where every workpiece comes out nice and clean and in a very uniform quality performed with a robotic solution by Clemco Denmark.

Our robotic solutions are now used in both the oil & gas and the wind industry, and primarily for surface treatment of large steel structures used for offshore, which requires a high level of quality when it comes to anti-corrosion. In the months to come, we will be delivering two relatively large robotic lines in Asia for metallization of steel structures for windtower sections.

We are very pleased and honored by this positive progress, as it has been a long journey with design and technical development the last couple of years. It takes many years to develop and to test the best solutions in a competitive market such as the surface treatment within the wind industry. We very much look forward to approaching new robotic projects and continuing to develop the best robotic solutions for surface treatment of large steel structures around the world.

Frederik Nielsen

"If you want to know more about how to automate your surface treatment process, please contact me"

Frederik Nielsen Clemco Denmark

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