Booths for shot blasting, metallization and painting

Processing rooms and surface treatment booths
Surface treatment with shot blasting, metallization and painting with polyurethane and epoxy makes great demands to lay out planning and safety.

Clemco Denmark has a long experience in designing and building shot blasting booths for surface preparation. When starting up a project like this our well experienced project teams are performing a thorough review of the factory layout, local safety, environmental regulations and productivity requirements. 

Solutions could be to upgrade and improve an existing stationary system or to design a completely new shot blasting booth from scratch. The planning of a process plant makes heavy demands on experience and project management. We have managed many big projects in countries like China, Chile, Taiwan, Romania, the Baltic States and Poland.

We evaluate the size and the design of our components to ensure that they correspond to the size of the surface, the size of the floor, the type of abrasives, process integration and safety. Our filter solutions for collecting dust are adapapted for many different shot blasting abrasives. For metallization with zinc/aluminum, pure zinc or pure aluminum, different types of dust requires specific demands for filter safety which can be adapted to the customers' requirements.

Shot blasting
Clemco Denmark offers a wide range of different shot blasting components to be used in any number of combinations suitable for many different applications in the field of shot blasting. The illustrated components can be built into an industrial system to suit the specific needs for shot blasting of steel structures.

Clemco Denmark provides ventilation solutions, starting from 2,000 m3/h up to 40,000 m3/h. Our ventilation solutions are available as mobile equipment to be used for out door projects as well as fixed installations in processing plants for both shot blasting and metallization.

Clemco Denmark's products are enriched with decades of experience in the industry and is regularly checked for compliance with all directives and performance factors, to be sure that our equipment meets the requirements for the best possible environmental protection, cost-effectiveness and industrial performance.

Cleaning and transportation of abrasives
We provide several types of complete systems for cleaning and throughputs of abrasives. We provide two types of plants for collecting abrasives; either with scraper floor which is easy to maintain, or with a belt conveyor, taking very large amounts of abrasives. Transportation from the pit to our effective wind screen and drum term system is done with vacuum suction, or with bucket elevator as both are proven systems that fit with level meter to achieve energy savings when the transport system does not operate.

The cleaning of abrasive is an important process to ensure that the correct roughness will be achieved during the entire blasting process. The smallest dust particles will be separated and collected in a filter.

The cleaned abrasive is transported to a silo from where it is automatically fed into the container of abrasive for reuse. We have solutions for automatic addition of new abrasives so that the roughness of the surface stays the same as the abrasive is wearing out due to many flows in the system.

Booths for metallization
Metallization with zinc/aluminum, pure zinc or pure aluminum requires an installation of a special booth for metallization. The booth ensures that dust from the metallization process is collected and a powerful ventilation system ensures that the surrounding areas are not contaminated with zinc dust.

At Clemco Denmark, we are specialists in development and production of special booths setups. Clemco Denmark start up the project from the customers technical requrement and then make a taylormade solution from meassurements and calculations available.
Metallization with zinc/aluminum, pure zinc or pure aluminum makes great demands on filter safety. Our booths for metallization contains a number of special components that are approved and ideal for the harsh environment within metallization.

​Key security features in metallization booths:

  • Filter Installation should be ATEX approved, and a risk analysis should be worked out for facility use

  • We recommend an antistatic treatment of abrasion-resistant wall covering

  • We recommend explosion proof lighting fixtures

  • Ensure correct electrical grounding of all installed components

  • Metallization dust must be collected in suitable containers and isolated from moisture

It is necessary to know, in advance, what type of metallization (zinc/aluminum, arc) that is going to be used, to be able to properly design the processing booth. This amount of data is collected in the design phase.

Please contact Rune Lund on e-mail : or on phone +45 4029 0629 if you want to discuss the solutions and possibilities concerning a booth for surface treatment.

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