Airless for Industry spray painting

When considering a plural component painting pump with plural component painting systems, there are some conditions to take into consideration before acquiring a new painting pump. The greatest advantage of using a plural component painting system is that the components are mixed just before starting up the painting process. This means that you will never mix more paint than you are actually going to use. You will experience significantly less waste than if you mix hardeners and bases in separate tanks. Wiwa's plural component painting pumps are all equipped with surveillance of pot-life, alerting before the painting hardens in mixing tubes and hoses.

Wiwa produces two types of plural component systems; Wiwa Fleximix and Wiwa Duomix. The difference between the two painting systems from Wiwa is that the Wiwa Duomix has a fixed mixing ratio between hardener and base, whereas the Wiwa Fleximix painting system is able to vary the mixing ratio. Wiwa Fleximix has a built-in Omron PLC, which can be programmed for robot control and can be programmed, for example, to add flush agent before the application program is completed, in order to make advantage of the paint in the high-pressure hose.

There are several advantages in using a Wiwa Duomix airless painting system with fixed mixing ratio. Then you are absolutely sure that the mixing ratio between hardener and base is always correct and as it should be. Wiwa Duomix is an airless painting system known for extremely high reliability, and a relatively simple structure with an air motor controlling the two pistons for the base and hardener respectively. The two components are mixed in a static mixing tube providing a complete mixing of the base and hardener.

A Wiwa Fleximix airless painting systems has the advantage that you can adjust the mix ratio between hardener and base. Then you do not need to change piston pump if you use several painting systems with different mixing ratios between base and hardener. The mixing ratio can be adjusted directly in the PLC display, and if the mixing ratio is not respected an alarm system will report the error right away.

Clemco Denmark has a deep know-how and experience in further developing Wiwa Fleximix painting systems to a 3-component paint system. Clemco Denmark has made it possible to add thinner directly into the paint to adjust the viscosity of the paint.

This is preferable when i.e. mist coating – a type of coating that is widely used on zinc / aluminum metallized surfaces. The solvent is added in a given mixing ratio and the solvent is being pumped directly into the mixer pipe where it is mixed with the base and the hardener. In this way, you can achieve a very accurate control of the paint's viscosity and spray characteristics.

For our robotic painting systems, we recommend using a Wiwa Fleximix as its Omron PLC has the necessary I / O facilities to control the Wiwa system very precisely, and thereby obtaining a highly accurate control of the coating thickness without pulsation of the spray fan.


The Wiwa FLEXIMIX I is an electronic mixing and dosing system for the application of solvent and water based paints. With its flexibility and precision the FLEXIMIX I reaches high efficiency and first class surface quality. With a permissible spraying pressure of up to 460 bar and a max. capacity of more than 24 litres, the FLEXIMIX II PROFESSIONAL is predominantly used in large-scale projects with various requirements. The new electronically controlled FLEXIMIX-II-HERKULES plural component range was designed and constructed to fulfill highest requirements.

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