Inspection Instruments

We offer a broad series of different inspection instruments for control of the following surface parameters : roughness, dust, salt concentration, adhesion, thickness, gloss and pinholes. For measuring the ambient environment by shot blasting, metallization and painting we offer the following inspection instruments : temperature and humidity, dew point detection, wind and air velocity in painting booths and outdoor painting, and finally for measuring the paint temperature and viscosity. If you want a demonstration of our coating measuring instruments, you are welcome to arrange a meeting with one of our sales persons who will make a detailed demo. We also offer to calibrate your instrument ensuring correct control for your future inspections.

How to choose the right inspection instrument:

Inspection gages used for control of quality parameters within surface treatment can be divided in different groups:

  • Environmental gages
  • Inspection equipment (flashlights, mirrors and handbooks)
  • Surface profile gages
  • Coating thickness gages
  • Adhesion testers
  • Gloss meters
  • Chloride testers

PosiTector DPM3 klimatester

Every instrument has its own special function, but there is one common factor for all instruments within corrosion protection of steel, which is the harsh working environment, and it is therefore important to choose some instruments that can tolerate very rough treatment.

For what concerns calibration of instruments it is also important to mention that we have the opportunity to get all our instruments calibrated through our suppliers.

Collection of measurement data is needed on big surfaces or items. Sometimes several of thousand measurements are made to determine that the corrosion protection is as it should be. With the newest instruments With the latest instruments can transfer measurement data between instruments and handheld devices.

Please call us on +45 70 13 10 30 if you need additional information on our inspection instruments or if you want us to guide you to chose the right instrument for your next surface treating job.


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