Safety for surface treatment

Shot blasting, metallization and airless painting are all processes that requires a very thorough safety and personal protection. Through years of experience, we have accumulated a great knowledge of safety equipment for use within surface treatment and preparation.

Surface treatment involving shot blasting, metallization and airless painting always requires a protection of yourself with suitable clothing, gloves, respirators, safety boots and knowhow about what the equipment protection functions are and how the safety equipment is used properly.

We have made a guide in choosing the right safety equipment for the right type of surface preparation work to achieve the best protection while working and at the same time having the best possible working environment.



Guidance for choosing the right safety equipment

Shot blasting helmets

Before acquiring a new shot blasting helmet with fresh air supply you should consider to use the least dusty abrasives, or to increase the air ventilation in the room where the shot blasting takes place. Abrasive blasting respirators with fresh air supply are to be used during the shot blasting process as the air is polluted to such an extent that this kind of safety equipment is necessary to wear while staying in the shot blasting room. And you also need it while cleaning the object and the room after the shot blasting process.

Clemco Apollo-600 blæsehjelmSandblæsedragt Blast Safe( M)

Dust and shotblasting suits

For shot blasting we recommend using a shot blasting suit. A suit to be used for abrasive blasting provides a perfect protection against dust as well as the recoil of the abrasives during the shot blasting process. Read more about our different kinds of suits here.



Whether you need gloves for shot blasting or painting you will find all kinds of safety gloves in our store. There is a series of requirements to be followed.

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