Suits for spray painting
During spray painting, it is extremely important that the operator protects himself with a suit. A part of the solvents and chemicals can be absorbed through the skin, so using a safety suit is just as important as wearing the right respirator. Do not use the cheapest possible suit of a questionable fabric, even if the manufacturer claims that the suit meets the correct CE certification and type classification for paint spraying.

Our suits for spray painting are all approved by CE 0120 category III and are type approved by Type 5 EN13982-1 (spray dust and other harmful dust and particles) and Type 6 EN 13034 (limited spray density protecting the painter if there is a risk of direct spray on the suit) . It is important to examine the different suits and what kind of chemicals that you use when spray painting to ensure yourself a proper and necessary protection.

Suits for abrasive blasting
There are several different types of protective clothing for shot blasting.
You can use a dust suit that consist of a nylon material that provides good protection against dust and dirt, and that have tight cuffs around the wrists and ankles. The dust suits from Clemco Denmark has an integrated hood and provides therefore a good protection against dust when you do a light shot blasting.

However, we recommend that you use a real shot blasting suit, which gives a much better protection during shot blasting with the most dusty abrasives. A shot blasting suit has a much longer durability and provides better protection than a dust suit. The nylon material is stronger and the strong rubber bands around the wrist and ankles protect the operator.

For offshore use, we recommend that you use the shot blasting suit called Blast Safe which is CE approved by ISO 14,877. The shot blasting suit is made of a strong orange fire retardant material on the front and has a breathable back (black) which makes it possible to work for quite a long time in the suit.

If you want to know more about our different safety suits do not hesitate to call us on +45 70 13 10 30

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