Shot blasting equipment

Clemco Denmark is the leading supplier of equipment for surface treatment in the Nordic region. Clemco Denmark has sold shot blasting equipment since the 40ies and has more than 70 years of experience. We provide not only surface treatment equipment of superior quality - we also offer the industry's highest level of service. We are a team of well-trained employees who are always ready to guide you through the purchase and maintenance of your abrasive blasting equipment.The shot blasting machine is the core of the pressure blasting system. Due to Clemco Denmark’s many years of experience and commitment to innovation, all Clemco Denmark's products deliver a high level of reliability, longevity, and safety within surface treatment.

Under Articles you can find more detailed information and knowledge about shot blasting and other surface treatment processes. We have written articles about shot blasting booths and about the future surface treatment.

Also check out our shot blasting events which is particularly for supervisors, production managers, shot blasters and industrial painters.


Clemco DC 300 L 150+150 litres double chamber for shot blasting

When shot blasting with robots, it is appropriate to carry out a continuous cleaning process without any delay at all. Therefore, Clemco Denmark has developed a double chamber shot blasting system designed for 100% continuous operation. Constructed with two chambers, the bottom part of which is always under pressure, assuring continuity during the operation process.

A traditional shot blasting container for abrasive blasting has the disadvantage that it has to be recharged every 20 minutes of operation, which results in breaks and stops of the shot blasting process. By using a double chamber system, the system is able to operate nonstop, as one chamber is refilling with steel grit while the second chamber is operating.

The ventilation between the two chambers is carried out extremely quickly, as our double chamber system is equipped with 4 big ventilation valves. The amount of residual abrasives is minimized during air purging that helps to ensure a long lifetime of the valve system.

The timing of the cycles between the blasting containers is controlled by a PLC. The ventilation of the blasting containers is done individually and the PLC control ensures that the ventilation is not active on the same time for all valves.

The air supply is prepared with 2” piping for the main air valve at the upper chamber ensuring the pop-up system in the upper chamber to close faster which means less pressure loss. The valves ensure that the pressure is maintained constantly in the shot blasting system.

In practice, this means that the system is operating continuously with one 19mm venturi nozzle or two 16mm venturi nozzles. With this configuration, you are able to shot blast a very large surface in a very short time and with a maximum of uniformity. The advantage of this system is that you avoid untreated areas, as you might know it from the use of other types of double chamber shot blasting systems.




How to choose the right shot blasting system:

When choosing a shot blasting system, you should take into consideration if you want a stationary or a mobile plant.

  • The smallest shot blasting plants (20-50 liters) are the most mobile systems and mostly used for shot blasting of small areas on balconies etc. where mobility plays a big role. They are also suitable for small repair jobs.

  • The medium shot blasting plants (60-140 liters) are also mobile and can easily be transported in and out of a van.

  • The medium-large blasting plants (140-200 liters) are less mobile, and due to the bigger volume containers you are able to shot blast much more square meters before re-filling abrasives.

  • The biggest shot blasting systems (200-300 liters) are intended for industrial use, where it is important to shot blast many square meters per hour.

  • Our two double chamber systems on 300 liters each are particularly suited to run a continuous shot blasting process or shot blasting with robot where ‘holidays’ may not arise due to the changing of chambers.




The shot blasting machine

70 years of experience form the basis for the design and construction of Clemco Denmark’s blast pots. We deliver a series of products with the longest lifetimes in the industry. Abrasive wear is minimized by the careful positioning of exposed components, which can be adjusted and replaced quickly. Clemco Denmark is also supplier of Clemco spare parts, which can keep a blast pot running for decades.

Premium surface finishing for a durable coating life :

  • Wear-resistant materials
  • Exclusive design and high-quality finish
  • CE-approved manufactured and tested
  • Easy to replace spare parts
  • Simple maintenance
  • Guaranteed spare part supply
  • Pot sizes from 20 Iiters
  • We make customized solutions on requests




Wet blast equipment

Clemco Denmark’s wet blast equipment is specially designed for surface renovation with shot blasting, using a softer type of abrasives. Our wet blast equipment is used mainly for shot blasting surfaces, museum objects, sculptures and statues requiring a gentle treatment.

How to choose your next wet blasting system.

Wet blasting is in principle, ordinary shot blasting, with mineral abrasives, in which is added a certain amount of water that binds the dust effectively, so it does not spread over long distances.

First of all, you should be aware of special environmental or occupational safety rules to be observed when shot blasting, even though the dust is bound effectively during the shot blasting process. You can check special rules by contacting the relevant environmental authorities within the municipality where the work is starting up.

When you shot blast adding water to the process, there are special requirements concerning the abrasive. Do not use metallic abrasives as it will become rusty and ruined. Therefore, we recommend to use only mineral abrasives.

Facades are ideal for wet blasting and the method has been used for decades. The special shot blasting nozzles mixing water and abrasive are more suitable than the methods of adding water into the pressure vessel itself, which also contains the abrasive. By choosing a system that adds water to the shot blasting nozzle you obtain a much better control during the shot blasting process. That means that it is possible to adjust the blast pressure more precisely, and then you avoid to shot blast too heavily on a perhaps porous facade.

With the Clemco Wet Blast-Flex system, the water is added under high pressure assisting to provide a very efficient binding of the dust with a minimal use of water. The system is therefore also applicable to shot blasting of steel surfaces.


Dust free shot blasting

With Clemcos dust free shot blasting equipment it is possible to shot blast without the ordinary dust challenges. This means that you can shot blast areas, without the need to use ventilation and custom-built shot blasting booths. Our dust-free shot blasting plants are especially used in the automotive and truck repair shops as well as within more specialized tasks such as repairing of damages on wind turbine towers.

How to choose the right dust free shot blasting system

Dust-free shot blasting is an advantageous process in many ways; you can perform shot blasting on small issues and in areas where it is not possible to establish a shot blasting booth.

With vacuum shot blasting you achieve a completely dust-free shot blasting process due to the design of the vacuum head which together with a constant, non-pulsating flow of abrasives in a closed circuit makes it completely dust-free. Therefore, there will not be dust and abrasives in the working area. However, it is important to keep in mind that the effectiveness is somewhat lower than using ordinary shot blasting, where you are able to shot blast many more square meters per hour due to the much larger opening in the blast nozzle is a much larger opening. The surface you shot blast with a vacuum shot blasting system also requires to be covered by the blast head. Therefore, items with very curved surfaces, or with many obstacles are not suitable for vacuum blasting. Flat items, and where only a limited area has to be shot blasted, as for example for small repairs, are very suitable for dust-free shot blasting. Corundum, garnet sand or steel grit are ideal abrasives for dust-free shot blasting.

If you are planning to shot blast on concrete with a vacuum shot blasting system, we recommend that you contact us so that we can give you some good advice concerning the cleaning of the abrasive.


Internal pipe cleaning tools

Clemcos equipment for shot blasting inside pipes are widely used within the petrochemical and oil & gas industry. This typically requires a very high degree of surface cleanliness. It is possible to shot blast pipes with diameters from 20 mm up to internal diameters of 1,500 mm.

Shot blasting inside pipes usually demands special requirements to the treated surface. This is because the internal surfaces of pipes are made for that special purpose of transporting chemical liquids or for purposes within the oil and gas industry. The lifetime of the coating is usually of great importance, and therefore there are high demands for the preparation of it, before the second surface treatment takes place. With the right internal pipe cleaning equipment you make sure that the correct roughness and purity is present to meet the specifications of the item.

Equipment for shot blasting inside pipes can be divided into two types. One type where the jet nozzles are mounted on a rotating head and a second type of which the head is a cone made of boron carbide, spreading the abrasive over a shorter distance. A conic head is mostly suitable for pipes with an inner diameter of between 2" and 6". If the internal diameter is bigger than 6" and if a perfect density is required on the treated surface, we always recommend you to use equipment with a rotating blast head cleaning the full 360 degree inside diameter of the pipe.

On our Clemco Spinblast systems you can adjust the rotating speed directly on the blast head. The Spin-Blast system is a rugged, portable, high-production tool for blast cleaning the internal surface of steel pipes. Its carriage adjusts for cleaning pipe from Ø 400 mm up to Ø 1500 mm.


Injector shot blasting equipment

Clemcos injector shot blasting equipment is suitable for simple tasks in sandblasting. These plants are characterized by being easy to handle and only requires very little maintenance.

Shot blasting with injector suction of abrasives is suitable where you want to shot blast an item at a lower pressure compared to pressure blasting. The injector principle works by adding compressed air to the blast gun, which is equipped with the suction hole from which the abrasive is mixed in the air stream. Automatically a lower suction pressure occurs in the air flow, which means that the abrasive can be sucked up from an abrasive container and is mixed with the air flow. The suction pressure, which is necessary to absorb the abrasives affects the blow pressure, and therefore it is not possible to shot blast with more than 4 bar when shot blasting with injector systems. In return, the plant is quite simple to use and requires only little maintenance. We recommend you to use corundum or glass beads when using this type of equipment.

You should expect the shot blasting process to take longer when using the injector blasting equipment compared with pressure blasting. For removal of thick layers of epoxy and polyurethane paints we always recommend pressure blasting instead of injector blasting as it would take too much time.

Injector shot blasting is very suitable for small jobs that you do not perform every day and on surfaces where you want a gentler shot blasting.

Please contact us if you are looking for equipment for lower pressures.


Consumable parts

In Clemco Danmark we stock all consumable parts to be able to serve you on a daily basis with the parts you are missing. Using the original Clemco spare parts you are sure to achieve a very high efficiency in your shot blasting process. Remember that we are always ready with advice and guidance on the selection of consumable parts to optimize your economy within shot blasting.


Blast Media Valves
Blast Media valves produced by Clemco are high-quality, abrasive-resistant components, and suit all abrasive medias. We have both manual and pneumatically controlled valves from Clemco, and they prove their value over and over again during every surface treatment procedure.

  • Long lifetime
  • Simple maintenance
  • High efficiency
  • Optimal blast stream
  • Abrasive flow is precisely controlled

Clemco media valves regulate the abrasive flow equalizing irregularities in the flow during pressurization and depressurization. Pneumatic controls respond far quicker than manual controls, increasing operator safety by immediate start/stop control of the shot blasting stream. The „fail-to-safe“ feature of control handle release ensures that the blast stream immediately stops if any problem occurs or if the operator drops the blast hose. An optional Abrasive Cutoff Switch can be installed on the handle for controlling the media flow.


Blast Hoses
We do not compromise on quality, which is the reason why you do not find any discount hoses on our shelves. Cobra blast hoses are the best on the market. And they are provided in all standard sizes and are available in lengths of 20 or 40 meters.

Nozzle holders and couplings
The couplings and nozzle holders are all of high quality made by durable materials such as nylon, brass, and aluminum, to guarantee great functionality and safety.

The Clemco nozzle holder is attached to the end of a blast hose and holds a contractor-thread blast nozzle. The blast hose must be cut squarely and cleanly. The nozzle holder is installed with the screws provided. These screws penetrate the outer wall, but not the inner wall of the blast hose.
In operation, the air pressure inside the blast hose helps hold the nozzle holder securely in place.They are quick and simple to replace, and they are produced with seals preventing pressure loss and turbulence at the connections. A specialized inner coating prevents slippage from the hose, assuring protection and airflow within the whole blasting system. All seals are electrically conductive to prevent static shock.

Clemco nylon quick couplings is attached to the end of any properly sized blast hose using screws provided. The hose must be cut squarely and cleanly. The screws should penetrate the outer layer of the blast hose without perforating the inner tube. In operation, air pressure inside the blast hose helps hold the hose tight against spiral ribs inside the coupling. Using a quarter turn, the blast operator connects the quick coupling to any other quick coupling or quick coupling nozzle holder. A built-in lock-spring on the coupling keeps the couplings securely connected. All blast hose coupling connections should be secured with safety cables.

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