Shot blasting cabinets

Achieve precise shot blasting in compact shot blasting cabinets
Clemco shot blasting cabinets are ideal for shot blasting of small to medium sized parts. The robust and yet compact design ensures that a minimum of space is needed for shot blasting with a high efficiency and safe working conditions.

Which shot blasting cabinet is most suitable for your shot blasting jobs?
Shot blasting cabinets have the great advantage that you are able to shot blast items in a closed cabin so that it does not make noise or dust outside the cabin. All our blast cabinets are provided with ventilation systems, meaning that the dust is separated from the blast media in a cyclone, and the exhaust air is filtered through a cartridge filter purifying continuously with compressed air. The dust is constantly removed from the cabinet and you always have a good view on the object to be prepared. The lighting on the subject is also of major importance. That is why all our shot blasting cabinets have great working light inside the shot blasting cabinet.

Our shot blasting cabinets are divided in two groups :

  • Pressure cabinets
  • Injector cabinets

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