Wheel blasting machines

By selecting a wheel blasting machine you provide distinct advantages in the production of high volume parts. Clemco Denmark makes careful trial evaluations of your items to be shot blasted. This testing provides a basis for selecting a specific automated shot blasting machine to fulfill your needs. We offer a shot blasting machine designed to perform the cleaning with a maximum of efficiency while ensuring a problem free installation in your production line.

The choice of shot blasting machine is determined by several parameters that are essential for an optimal result on the finished item. Clemco Denmark offers shotblasting machines from OMSG in Italy that we have been cooperating with for over 30 years. These machines provide the best performance and longest life span compared to the investment.

We prepare offers, design and production layout ahead of a possible delivery. For shot blasting, the following conditions are to be defined before delivery of a shot blasting machine:

  1. Sizing the blast wheel, gear and electric motors
  2. Estimating the life span of components for optimal economy
  3. Transport of steel items in and out of the shot blasting machine
  4. Filter cleaning and collection of filter dust
  5. Collectioning, transport and cleaning of abrasives
  6. Special reinforcements with manganese steel plates in exposed locations
  7. Any heating and / or drying of samples before processing
  8. Exterior and interior noise during the process and ventilation
  9. Calculation of energy needs
  10. Cabling and cable programming
  11. Maintenance and service plans


Capri - hook shot blast machine

The hook shot blast machines type CAPRI are installations with operational flexibility, suitable for many types of jobs. The range of machines is very wide, which makes it is easy to choose a suitable machine for your specific need. The functioning principle is hanging up the work-pieces in a hook (single or in bunch). The hook runs and rotates inside the machine exposing all the surface of the item to the abrasive flow coming from the wheels placed inside the chamber.

Besides the sizes of the shot blast chamber, the peculiarity of these machines is the handling of the hook :

for light items (CAPRI M)
a chain moves the hook inside the machine  (CAPRI C)
Chain  + hoist
combined systems  for medium to big  pieces  (CAPRI CS)
Handling and lifting the items by hoists  (CAPRI H)


Lauco - Shot blast machine with roller conveyor

This shot blasting machine with continuous tunnel and horizontal roller conveyor. The components crosses the tunnel laid on a roller conveyor, extendible outside with modular lengths. The surface treatment  is done during the item running through the blasting room: at one single pass it is possible to achieve the required finishing degree, according to the specification of standard ISO 8501-1 and  SIS SS 055900. Brushing and blowing systems allow the steel shot removal at the end of the shot blasting. The range of LAUCO shot blast machines can be used in many fields:

  • generic steel structural works  (plates, sections, steel structural works)
  • shipyard industry
  • railway industry
  • pieces of agricultural machines
  • truck chassis
  • window and door frames
  • piping  etc.

These installations can be incorporated into an automatic production line of mechanical working and painting.


Tunnelblast - Shot blast machine

These shot blast machines are suitable for the treatment of products of middle/big sized objects handled horizontally.

Shot blast machines type Tunnelblast are suitable for the treatment of steel structural works such as :

  • agricultural machines
  • truck chassis
  • road machines
  • travelling cranes
  • quay cranes
  • windows and door frames
  • tanks

These mashines can be fitted with an overhead conveyor or put into complete automatic lines of shot blasting/painting conveyors, with mono-rail or double rail handling systems. The handling of the item is done by a couple of hoists, overhead conveyor or driven trolleys on the ground. The shot blast operation is done in one pass for what concerns the whole component surface while crossing the tunnel.
Downwards the blasting tunnel it is possible to install manual blasting cabinet for re-touching or blowing /suction cabinet to remove possible remainings of shot on the objects to be prepared. It is possible to install the machine in line with painting installations.


RT – Rotary table shot blast machine

The rotary table shot blasting machines are made in different sizes to be able to treat various items of different shapes and types. This kind of shot blasting machines can be equipped with fixtures and accessories to adapt the items to be treated.

The items to be prepared are placed on a table that rotates. When rotating the whole surface of the item will be exposed in the shot flow. The shot blasting machine is available in many versions according to the installed powers of the wheels and the table diameter. Some machines are equipped with built-in automatic dust collector.

If you are interested in learning more about our shot blasting machines, please contact us on +45 70131030 to get in contact with our sales persons.

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