Zinc wire for metallization

We are Denmark’s biggest supplier of metallization wire within anti corrosion treatment of steel constructions. Our zinc/alu wire from Zinacor is of a very high quality of zinc (99.995% Zn according to EN 1179 - "Z1") and aluminum according to EN ISO 14919. The advantages for this alloy is that it makes a higher corrosion protection as well as much less overspray.

Billedresultat for metallisering med aluminium

Criteria for selection of zinc wire

The zinc/aluminum wire is used mainly in the maritime sector and in the off shore industry as metallization with zinc/aluminum provides an extremely durable corrosion protection. There are several things to take into consideration when choosing zinc wire for metallization. You have to find out what your needs are; the durability of the corrosion protection layer, the amount of dust during the metallization, and how large a surface to deal with before choosing what kind of wire you need for your metallization job.

Metallization for offshore and in the maritime sector, and where a high degree of corrosion protection is required, metallizing is the best basis for a coating structure. Metallization is a surface treatment which is always applied to a 100% clean, dry and shot blasted surface. Metallization is manually applied with a special metallization system, and it is possible for application in different thicknesses according to customer needs.


Pure zinc wire for metallization

Our 100% pure zinc wire for metallization has for many years proven to be the preferred wire among surface treaters in Denmark. This type of zinc wire is manufactured in one of the world's largest zinc producers, Grillo-Werke AG in Germany and is subject to very strict quality control. The metallization wire is very consistent and with the right flexibility and the correct amount of lubrication it works perfectly with Osu Hessler's metallization systems. We provide zinc wire for metallization in all diameters, either fanfold or in coils, depending on what you need.


Zinc / alu - 85 / 15 for metallization

Our 85/15 zinc/aluminum metallization wire for metalization has for many years proved to be the preferred among surface treaters in Denmark. This is due to the quality of metallization wire which is very consistent with the right flexibility and the correct amount of lubrication and it works perfectly well with Osu Hessler's metallization systems. We provide 85/15 zinc/aluminum wire to metalization in all diameters either fanfold or in coils, depending on what you need.

Metallization with ZnAl15% is advantageous for all:

  • Less dust and fewer odor problems
  • Lower cost per. m² and lower labor costs
  • Better corrosion protection and lower maintenance costs


Pure aluminum wire for metallization

Aluminium wires for metallizing becomes more and more used for offshore use, where high demands on corrosion protection is a must. We provide aluminum wires for metallization in all diameters on HS 390 coils that can be installed on Osu Hessler's metallization systems.
You are always welcome to contact us if you are about to perform metallization jobs with pure aluminum wire. We have many years of experience with this type of metallization.

Billedresultat for metallisering med aluminium

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