Robotic Blast Cabinets

All our automated cabinet systems are built to fulfill our customers' needs. Our solutions range from modified standard systems to completely original designs, regardless the application.

Robotic Blast Cabinets


  1. Clemco Denmark specializes in heavy duty protective coating application with robots
  2. We always estimate the potential savings in paint consumption prior to any project.
  3. For our robotic painting systems we recommend using the Wiwa Fleximix system with necessary I/O facilities
  4. The robotic spray program can be simulated using the Motosim software in order to plan the spray patterns and overlaps.
  5. Our robotic paint systems can be integrated with conveyor lines
  6. We offer 3K systems for controlling the paint viscosity.  

Robotic Blast Cabinets

Automated cabinet blasting offers a series of advantages for the processing of large-volume production and ensures accurate and perfect and results over and over again. Automation is the future and is by far the best solution for the customer.

Clemco automated blast cabinets are designed to perform top quality cleaning of surfaces and are made to fit into our customers' production line.

Planning and development

It is the shape and size of an item deciding the shape and size of a robotic blast cabinet from Clemco. So when designing a blast system Clemco works closely together with the customers, tayloring the design,  customizing, specifying production and processes to be able to understand and come around the whole work process harmonizing all parameters.

Automated systems are built to completely conform with all necessary parameters set forth by the customer, and can range from modified standard systems to completely original designs, regardless of the application.

All loading and unloading of parts into and out of an automted system is done with complete separation and protection of the operator. The protection of the operator is paramount in the construction of each system, which is done in compliance with all international safety standards and directives.

All automated systems are produced using state-of-the-art technology and design to enable totally contained blasting, media recycling and dust containment.

Clemco’s dust filtration technology ensures complete protection of the shop environment from escaped particulate. All systems are produced to efficiently reclaim and separate all usable blast media from debris and dust, allowing for a consistently high-quality finish.


Customized cabinet solutions for automation

Clemco robotic blast cabinets are designed to provide the exact same result, over and over again. Each cabinet is designed to fit exactly into the customer’s location providoing a perfect, high-quality blast profile on every element running through the cabinet.

Clemco offers a wide range of different solutions for automated blasting needs: rotary drums for small parts, rotating satellite fixtures, precision oscillation and articulation of nozzles, automated robotic options, as well as custom-designed solutions engineered to the last detail to work perfectly in any production line.

This combination of experience-based design and consistent high-performance execution has earned Clemco the industry-leading reputation it now enjoys worldwide.

Frederik Nielsen

"Thinking about getting an automized blast cabinet solution? Call me."

Frederik Nielsen CEO, Clemco Denmark

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