Technical information about our robotic metallization solution for wind turbine tower sections

Clemco Denmark has developed our own robotic manipulator arm for metallizing wind turbine tower sections. The wind turbine tower sections can be fully metallized at a fraction of the time compared to manual metallizing and the time for the subsequent quality control of coating thickness is also significantly reduced. 

  1. 5 axis (2 revolute and 3 translational) Manipulator arm with large working range avoiding dead space in tower end
  2. Actuators with servo drive technology – Position and motion with high accuracy and precision
  3. Custom made software – easy to program via intuitive interface
  4. End-stop detection on each axis – self calibrating
  5. Determination of tower segment position by laser sensor
  6. Installed with 3 arc-spray guns and space for 6 drums of zinc wire
  7. Self-supporting istallation in new or already excisting booths
  8. ABB hardware

Clemco Denmark can provide three different manipulator arm designs for tower section coatings. Even obstacles such as doot flanges or studs can be coated with our multi-axes manipulator arm design. 

Working range for the Multi Axis Manipulator Arm

Our in house developed manipulator arm is designed for metallizing large cylindrical elements such as wind turbine tower sections. The picture below shows the solution from above and it shows the motion envelope for the manipulator arm. The manipulator arm can perform metallizing of tower sections from ø3,2 to ø8,5 m in diameter and with a section length of 36 m.

Solution seen from the side. 

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