Technical information about the ABB IRB 5500-22 floor mounted industrial process robot

We have chosen ABB as supplier of robots for our robotic automated solutions for spray painting. ABB is a leading global technology company that among other things manufactures some of the very best robots in the world. For our robotic painting solutions we have chosen the floor mounted IRB 5500-22 process robot. Combined with its large work area and high acceleration and painting speed, you get the most efficient and flexible paint robot for your robotic spray painting solution.

The spray painting robot control system IRC5P (hardware and software) is integrated in this robot. It is controlling both the paint process and the robot motion which is the most effective way to save paint.

The IRC5P is a modern control system, specifically designed for the spray painting process. With the IPS (Integrated Process System), the userfriendly Ex certified Flex-Paint Pendant and RobView 5 it is a combination of standardized functions for the paint installation and to fit specific needs. This package includes standard applications for defining user screens, program editing and version control, and many more. RobView 5 can also be a components in a larger Cell control HMI, like ABB FlexUI or other.

The standard solutions accommodate color change valves for up to 32* colors with circulation, integrated in the process arm of the robot. Also two pumps, driven by integrated servo motors, 64 pilot valves, atomizer control with dual shape air and closed loop regulation, closed loop regulation of bell speed and high voltage control – all fully integrated. Solutions for both solvent- and water-borne paint are available. Please note that more is avalible on special request.

Working range for the ABB IRB 5500-22 floor mounted robot.

Picture to the left : the working range of the  ABB IRB 5500-22 floor mounted robot.









Picture above: the working range of the IRB 5500-22 floor mounted robot.

Rune Nørgaard

"There is much technical information to take into consideration when chosing a robotic solution. Please call me, if you want to discuss your next spray painting solution."

Rune Nørgaard Clemco Danmark A/S

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