Clemco Denmark provides complete surface treatment lines with or without robotic automation for shot blasting, metallizing and airless painting. The planning of a process plant requires heavy demands on experience and project management.

Quick facts

  1. Clemco Denmark delivers turn-key solutions for robotic shot blasting, metallizing and airless spray painting.
  2. Our specialty is to design robotic systems that covers very large steel structures such as wind tower sections, monopiles, hubs and generator platforms.
  3. Our well proven robotic applications are developed for the wind energy, oil&gas, off shore, foundries and automotive industries.
  4. We are world experts in automation of surface preparation and corrosion protection for the high corrosion classes for off shore use covering large steel structure with 3D track mounted industrial ABB robots.
  5. A corner stone for Clemco Denmark is safety and our robotic
    cells are developed after well proven industrial safety standards.

Our Standard robotic solutions for surface treatment

Frederik Nielsen

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Frederik Nielsen CEO, Clemco Denmark

Clemco Denmark's custom made turn-key solutions with automated robotic solutions for surface treatment

Clemco Denmark can assist and support in preparing a project plan that includes lay-out drawings for conveyor lines, abrasive blasting booths, wheel blasting machines, metallization booths, painting booths and flash-off cabins with or without IR drying.

Surface treatment with shot blasting, metallization and paint spraying with polyurethane and epoxy requires a thorough layout planning in order to achieve a high productivity and efficient transportation of the large steel structures. The planning of a process plant requires heavy demands on experience and project management.

We have accomplished many big projects in countries like China, Vietnam, Chile, Taiwan, Scotland and Scandinavia.

Clemco Denmark is one of the world leaders within robotic solutions for surface treatment of very large steel structures

Clemco Denmark delivers turn-key solutions within robot automatized shot blasting, metallizing and airless painting.  We develop "turn-key" solutions, including factory layouts, design considerations of our standard robotic solutions, installation, commissioning and training of personnel.

Our robotic solutions can be implemented in new workshops or existing plants. Our standard robotic solutions can be delivered in a design configuration for the robot to reach the surface of very large steel structures to perform an efficient and accurate surface treatment.

Clemco Denmark is a leader within the supply of very durable and advanced robotic blast cleaning systems for larger steel structures for off shore use. Denmark has always been a forerunner of steel structures for submerged use and off shore. These areas have been our working field for many years. Our main advantage is that we understand the abrasive cleaning process very thoroughly.

We have achieved this knowledge from our many projects that we have delivered during the last years. We know when a certain surface


roughness and cleanness creates the correct surface preparation for a subsequent corrosion protection coating. The manual process of blast cleaning with steel grit cannot just be transferred to a robotic solution. The robotic shot blasting requires several special alternations in order to work successfully and to be economically justifiable.

Process control of consumption materials

Process control is handled with flow meters even on our shot blasting systems that measure air flow and grit flow. All consumption parameters of grit, paint and metallization wire can be logged and read out for optimizing consumptions of materials. The use of robots has great importance in order to measure the exact consumption per item being produced.


One of the cornerstones of safety in a process system is correct ventilation to eliminate the risk of explosion of metallization dust and ignition of solvents. We use advanced safety and surveillance solutions and of course back flow valves and explosion membranes preventing back-fire in the filter compartments. We also offer VOC monitoring inside and outside Atex zones for detection of a possible leak in the feed lines of paints and solvents.

Our alarm systems are built-up in 5 separate levels to be able to interrupt processes separately in a way that the entire coating line is not being interrupted during the operation. This is to ensure that you can maintain other parts and areas of the coating treatment system, even though, for example, a spray tip is blocked.

To avoid the robot tool colliding with parts or installations, we perform simulation of the robots' movements in relation to its surroundings. In that way we measure the reach of the robot and can determine the size of the tool and capacity in relation to the surfaces being shot blasted or spray painted. Of course, you can also avoid the most common collision errors and ensure that the robot has enough space to perform movements in the outer positions in the robot program.

Reducing the use of masking on surfaces

By using calibrated spray tips and changing the spray pattern on the metallizing guns in service (in situ), it is possible to reduce the use of masking on surfaces. Special spray tips made for spray painting with robots, create a more accurate spray fan justifying a higher price. Being able to control the spray pattern exactly as you want, you avoid excessive overlap between the spray fans, and save huge amounts of paint, and wear on the equipment is decreased to a minimum. That makes the total costs of masking and painting reduced to the lowest possible level.

Clemco Denmark uses metallization guns engineered exactly to the surface to be metallized. If the gap in capacity is too wide in relation to the surface to be metallized, we equip the robot tool with two different metallization guns programmed to metallize different parts of the object. It is possible to change the spray fan while the gun is in operation to be able to minimize the gun overspray in areas where it otherwise would have been necessary to use masking tape or masking plates.

Our services in delivering turn-key systems

  1. We prepare a layout and locate booths, ventilation systems, equipment, robots and conveyor lines
  2. We prepare molding drawings for foundations and anchoring points for machinery and equipment
  3. We determine the consumption points for electricity and compressed air after having established energy volumes
  4. We provide our know-how within safety and environmental approvals and possible earthquake protection
  5. We prepare process times for each process and calculate consumption amounts of grit, paint and metallization wire to be able to compare with the expected savings
  6. We prepare a complete safety circuit including alarm with multiple levels of robot safety, conveyor safeties and access control during operation of the system
  7. We deliver a complete spare part list and expected life spans on consumable parts that are included in the maintenance program
  8. We perform quality control and "dry" runs when testing of the equipment before delivering on site by our own shipping companies that cover most of the world
  1. We set up the complete line with our own supervisors and project managers
  2. We establish a project plan prepared to include the clients' overall project management
  3. We introduce the individual procedures to respect the agreed transfer efficiency rates and process times
  4. We train operators and technicians in the maintenance of the installation and replacement of key components
  5. We prepare risk analysis on the use of the coating system for each process, and provide independent analysis of metallization dust to achieve extreme safety during operation
  6. We provide personal protective equipment for operators and training in the use of the equipment
  7. We offer a full CE approval of the entire solution
  8. We have the necessary insurance and permits for the installation of epoxy and polyurethane systems and we are able to accommodate most HSSE requirements during the work

Industries where robotic solutions for surface treatment is an advantage

Denmark has always been a forerunner in wind energy and steel structures such as wind turbine towers, nacelles and off shore jackets. These areas within the off shore industry have been our working field for many decades already. For a country like Denmark, surrounded by saltwater, rough weather and a coast line of 8,750 km the wind energy has always been top of mind in the development and evolution of wind turbines. 

The anti corrotion process is the core of Clemco Denmark. And ever since the establishment of the company in 1949, we have been creative and foresighted. And during the last couple of years we have innovated robotic solutions for shotblasting, metallization and spray painting. Our main advantage is that we understand the coating process very thoroughly. We have acchieved our knowledge from our many projects delivering specific surface roughness and cleaness in relation to create the correct surface preparation for the metallization process followed by a two component coating system.

Frederik Nielsen

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Frederik Nielsen CEO, Clemco Denmark

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