Clemco Denmark delivers complete process plants for surface treatment of tower sections for some of the greatest wind turbine productions in the world. During the last couple of years Clemco Denmark has developed their own robotic solutions for shot blasting, metallizing and spray painting for the off shore industry.

Robotic shot blasting

The reason why our customers request a second and a third robotic solution for their production is that they have obtained some very precise surface characteristics with their first robotic solution. And as a bonus you save compressed air, energy and time.

Robotic metallizing

A good argument for metallizing with robots is that the process is controlled very precisely and with a very high quality. A metallizing robot performs the metallization process faster, more accurate and with a highly reduced consumption of zinc wire.

Robotic spray painting

Spray painting with robots makes it very easy to control layer thickness and over spray, the layer thickness will be uniform, and the paint material consumption will be reduced. Further more the painting process is fast, precise and time saving.

Frederik Nielsen

"Interested in more information? Feel free to call me or scroll down to read more about the whole process from planning to production."

Frederik Nielsen CEO, Clemco Denmark

From planning to production

The planning of a new surface treatment automation project requires heavy demands on experience and project management. At Clemco Denmark we do have a lot of experience within surface treatment and robotic solutions for shot blasting, metallizing and spray painting. Our solutions are installed at some of the largest wind turbine manufacturers, off-shore centers and automotive manufacturers around the world. Our success is based on the fact that we are surface treatment and anti-corrosion engineers who has learned robotics and automation. This gives us a unique background to understand our customers’ needs and specifications, but also the robotic motions are well combined in the skillset behind surface treatment.

Solutions with or without robot?

Clemco Denmark provides complete process systems with or without robotic automation. The planning of a process plant requires heavy demands on experience and project management. Each process has specific requirements about durability, maintenance and safety. Our robot solutions are developed through long working relationships with our customers and suppliers.

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Solutions with  or without robot?

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