Clemco Denmark has for many years delivered 2K and 3K painting systems to the surface treatment industry. Clemco Denmark’s supplier of these systems, Wiwa from Germany, has more than 60 years of experience within surface treatment and has always been two steps ahead compared to other painting system companies when it comes to paint spraying equipment and painting processes which make Wiwa and

Clemco Denmark leaders in surface treatment and corrosion protection of steel structures, especially in the maritime sector and the offshore industry, where the requirements for surface treatment are extremely high. Clemco Denmark's industrial department has extensive experience in corrosion protection, and knows everything about the use of these plants, as many of our customers are manufacturers or suppliers to the offshore and wind turbine industry.

Frederik Nielsen

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Frederik Nielsen Adm. Dir. Clemco Danmark


Our experience of getting a 2K painting system to run steadily, in a way that all software functions work, and the system turns off by physically provoked impacts, is that you regularly test the mixing ratios of the plant, and take samples that are measured and weighed in relation to the paint supplier's recommendations. The system setup must be set so that the pumps’ mixing tolerance is more stable and fast, and that the shutdown of the paint system does not exceed the typical 5% as recommended by the paint supplier. Also remember that the time setting, during which the system must be out of tolerance, is set sufficiently low. Even a few seconds of mixing error can mean a great variation for what concerns the hardening of the paint! In some cases, there may be problems if the material is not supplied with a pressurized pump to the high pressure pumps in the plant. A 2K painting system can be provided with a pressurized feeding system (feed pumps) for both components to avoid cavitation. Insufficient material supply can cause cavitation, and this can cause many disconnections due to dosage errors. It is therefore recommended that the system is used with the correct material supply and the correct material pressure for the high-pressure pumps.


Plural component paint with a base and a hardener, is also known as 2K paint, is especially used in the wind turbine industry and off shore where extremely high requirements are imposed for what concerns corrosion protection. For the last many years, it has been common knowledge to mix the base and hardener in a mixer block in the correct mixing ratio under the supervision of the dosing pumps. This is nothing new, but it requires quite a lot to reach the exact quality of the surface treatment with epoxy and polyurethane paints, and it is therefore important to ensure that the mixing ratios are correct. In this article we present the new 2K and 3K (dilution as the 3rd component) from Wiwa, with the best adjustment options for mixing ratios. It is important to be aware of that the dry content in the new paint types is higher than before, and therefore the viscosity has also increased.
A few years ago, an airless pump with an 18:1 pressure ratio was sufficient for many tasks, but with the new paint types, it is typically 68:1

or even higher pressure ratios that are needed for trouble-free airless painting processes. We always recommend to set up a 2K paint system to allow recycling of both the base and the hardener. This works for both epoxy and polyurethane paints, but especially on heavy epoxy primers there may be many advantages that the base recycles to an IBC tank or daytime tank. This ensures that the temperature of the paint system is the same temperature as the paint and that all small air bubbles in the paint disappear before starting up. Some solid might end in the bottom of the hoses and should also be flushed out so that you have a fresh base from the start. For what concerns the hardener, it might be a good idea to do the recycling especially if you have long feeding hoses from the painting kitchen to the 2K paint system. Also, remember to change high-pressure filters frequently and preferably after consulting the paint supplier.


Wiwa delivers 2K painting systems to a number og shipyards worldwide. These systems are specially designed for the use within surface treatment of constructions in areas with extreme weather conditions. Whether it is ships, oil & gas platforms or port facilities, maritime designs and constructions are heavily exposed to aggressive environmental impacts. They must withstand constant impact of wind and salt water for many years. Leaks and cracks are a threat to the safety of the people on board and to the environment, it is also associated with huge costs. For this, Wiwa can provide equipment that can apply corrosion-proof surface treatment of highest standard that effectively and completely covers the steel structures. Even the slightest mistake during a surface treatment process can result in serious damage.

Paint systems suitable for paint processes in offshore:

  1. Wiwa Professional
  2. Wiwa Herkules GX Series, Herkules PFP
  3. Wiwa Duomix 230, Duomix 270, Duomix 300/333
  4. Wiwa Duomix 333 PFP, Duomix300/333 PFP – Atex Zone 1
  5. Wiwa Fleximix 2


Industrial painting requires frequent switching between different colors and workstations and high and low viscosity materials. Surface treatment systems should be able to run at a maximum of reliability in industrial environments while providing 100% flexibility. Wiwas series of Fleximixers are ideal as plural painting systems with variable mix ratio settings for solvent and water based paints.

Fleximix 1 can quickly change between up to 10 different paints and lacquers, and with precision and efficiency, delivering first class surface quality.

Fleximix 2 and its electronic system is tailored to large-scale projects with a wide range of different requirements. It is both a very efficient and robust system, and ideal for dosing and applying high and low viscosity plura component materials, such as polyurea and epoxy.

Paint systems suitable for industrial paint work:

  1.     Wiwa Phoenix
  2.     Wiwa Professional
  3.     Wiwa Herkules GX Series
  4.     Wiwa Transfer Pumps
  5.     Wiwa Duomix 230, Duomix 270, Duomix 300/333
  6.     Wiwa Fleximix 1 + Fleximix 2


As with all other steel structures, corrosion protection is on top of the priority list in the wind turbine construction industry. As a partner in many companies within machine engineers and system vendors in this industry, Wiwa has a major impact on continuous product development and improvement. In addition to surface treatment equipment for corrosion protection, Wiwa also delivers state of the art pump technology for pumping epoxy, polyurea and polyurethane paints. Used for the production of rotor blades.

Paint systems suitable for the above mentioned processes:

  1.      Wiwa Professional, Herkules GX Series
  2.      Wiwa Duomix 230, Duomix 270, Duomix 300/333
  3.      Wiwa Vulcan extrusion pumps
  4.      Wiwa Fleximix 2
  5.      Wiwa 2K dosing unit
  6.      Wiwa 2K glass flake unit
  7.      Wiwa Powerpack XXL


An important factor in cost effectiveness regarding coating or lining of any pipeline is both long durability as well as cost-effectiveness of the application method. The Wiwa Duomix systems are ideal as coating systems that enable fully automated and simultaneous application of coating materials such as epoxy or polyurea, on both the inside and outside of pipes and pipelines. Many of the large scale projects in which Wiwa has been involved shows that Wiwa is one of the largest and most leading manufacturers of first coat coatings and pipe and pipeline refurbishment.

Paint systems suitable for pipeline paint processes:

  1.      Wiwa Professional
  2.      Wiwa Herkules GX Series
  3.      Wiwa Duomix 230, Duomix 270, Duomix 300/333
  4.      Wiwa Fleximix 2

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