The use of airmix

Airmix - also known as air assisted airless, is a painting method within spray paint, that has existed for many years, but for some reason it is not the most used painting method. There may be many reasons for using airmix within spray paint, and in Clemco Denmark, it is our job to come up with the ideas of how to make a smooth paint application. The airmix invention is far from new, but we have experinced growth on the area of using airmix when spray painting, also within thicker paints such as water-based paints for protective coating. The way the air mix procedure works is to add 1½ - 4 bars of compressed air directly into the airmix spray gun which improves the spraying of the paint. You still add high pressure on the airless paint pump, but an airmix gun is built to add compressed air directly to the paint spray. Therefore, this spraying technology is also called air assisted airless or air combi.

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When adding air to the paint spray, you obtain a better atomizing of the paint. Practical tests show that recoil of the spray mist is lower than ordinary spray painting, as the spray pressure can be reduced to approx. 150 bars on the airless paint system. It is possible to obtain a lower recoil, when reducing the spray pressure while the paint is properly atomized with the extra added compressed air. The advantage is that you save paint as the atomization itself is becoming even more fine and perfect, and because of that you achieve a much better finish. If you spray paint with relatively thin lacquers and paintings, you can achieve a very nice surface with airmix, compared to the finish you obtain with a cup sprayer, but you are able to paint much larger surfaces with an airmixing gun.

To spray paint with airmix, you need an airless paint pump, fitted with an additional pressure regulator, and compressed air hose connected to an air mixing gun. At Clemco Denmark we have of course complete paint pumps from Wiwa, which can handle the airmix painting method, and where the compressed air system is integrated for easy control of both the spray pump pressure and the compressed air for the air mixing gun. This is a good and well-functioning solution that can last for many years ensuring the finish of all your airmix paint jobs.

Adjustment of your air mix gun

When adjusting your airmix gun, it is a good idea to begin with closing the compressed air to the paint pump, and then adjust the compressed air to the gun to get a feeling of how high / low pressure you should be using on the airmix part. If you need help to adjust your airmix spray gun, feel free to contact us, and we will help you with the proper adjustment of your airmix gun.

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Frederik Nielsen

"Give me a call if you need more information about spray painting and the airmix painting method."

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