Booths for metallization

Metallization with or without robotic solutions makes great demands to lay out planning and safety. Our Technical Department are all specialists in designing and setting up booths for surface treatment - with or without robotic solutions.

When starting up a project like this our experienced project teams are performing a thorough review of the factory layout, local safety, environmental regulations and productivity requirements. 

A solution could be to upgrade and improve an existing stationary system or to design a completely new metallization booth from scratch. The planning of a process plant makes heavy demands on experience and project management. We have already managed many big projects for some of the biggest manufacturers of wind turbines in the world.

For metallization with zinc/aluminum, pure zinc or pure aluminum, different types of dust requires specific demands for filter safety which can be adapted to the customers' requirements.

From planning to production

The planning of a process plant requires heavy demands on experience and project management. Each process has specific requirements about durability, maintenance and safety.

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