Booths for shot blasting

Surface treatment with shot blasting makes great demands to lay out, planning and safety of equipment and booths.

Clemco Denmark has for many decades designed and build shot blasting booths for surface preparation. When starting up an automated robotic solution project our experienced project teams get together and perform a thorough review of the factory layout, local safety, environmental regulations and productivity requirements. They create the base of a good project.

A solution could be to upgrade and improve an existing stationary system or to design a completely new shot blasting booth from scratch. The planning of a process plant makes heavy demands on experience and project management. We have managed many big projects for some of the world's biggest manufacturers of wind turbines around the world, just to mention some.

We evaluate ofcourse the size and the design of our components to ensure that they correspond to the size of the surface. We evaluate the size of the floor, the type of abrasives, process integration and safety. Our filter solutions for collecting dust are adapapted for many different shot blasting abrasives. 

Robot cell for shot blasting and safety systems

A cornerstone and main focus area of Clemco Denmark is safety. Safety-wise the blast cleaning booth defines the robot cell. All doors and gates are integrated in the safety circuit and PLC for optimum safety of the operators.

The whole system can be operated from the operator panel to control the robot cell.

  1. Monitor and test functions

  2. Start/Stop, program selection and system ready to run

  3. Robot in home position

  4. Robot in process test position

  5. Robot in tool change position


Optional cameras can be installed for the operator to monitor the robotic blast cleaning process.

From planning to production

The planning of a process plant requires heavy demands on experience and project management. Each process has specific requirements about durability, maintenance and safety.

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