Equipment for metallizing with robotic systems

Clemco Denmark represents the German company Osu Hessler who produces a wide range of inverter based metallizing equipment. The inverter technology has several advantages such as a very consistent ignition of wire melting with a very low number of misfires even with robotic programs with many stop/go pr. cycle. The metallizing equipment can be controlled with all important process parameters to ensure a very consistent layer thickness and transfer efficiency. The spray pattern can be controlled from a circular spray fan to an elliptical shape. This (in situ) change in the spray fan geometry is very usable to avoid excessive masking of areas that do not need zinc coating. The performance of the equipment varies from 800 Amps to 1500 Amps and can handle zinc/alu metallizing wires from 2,5 mm to 4,0 mm in diameter.  It is possible to achieve a coating performance of up to 120 m2 pr. hour depending on the current strength and the layer thickness needed.

Spray programs can easily be copied, duplicated and transferred to other robotic programs and it is also possible to define separate spray parameters for start and stop of the spray process to perform a perfect zinc layer structure.


High capacity 1.500 Amp power source with build-in operation panel

Operational Units

For programming the advanced units we recommend the build-in operation unit (right). You can store and access up to 99 customer specific programs and up to 99 robot programs at the same time. Every spraying program has its own ignition program. The spraying performance is configured via synergy control i.e. the different spraying parameters are all controlled at the same time by a continuously adjustable control.

Process-Computer-System VM2

  1. Rotation cycle 50μs (20kHz)

  2. Continuous working virtual machine

  3.  Physical orientated high-level language/minimal instruction code

  4. Segment and disc structure for fast technology adaption

  5. Database orientation of all process parameters

  6. Cyclic working E/A dealer, complete E/A-field with each rotation

  7. Debugger for actual field

  8. Work station on industrial pc base

  9. Demountable control unit

  10. Program syntax and database in EXCEL format

  11. Highest technology protection by specific compiler



Metallizing and safety

Metallization with zinc/aluminum, pure zinc or pure aluminum requires an installation of a special booth for metallization. The booth ensures that dust from the metallization process is collected and a powerful ventilation system ensures that the surrounding areas are not contaminated with zinc dust.

At Clemco Denmark, we are specialists in development and production of special booths setups. Clemco Denmark start up the project from the customers technical requirements and then make a tailor-made solution from measurements and calculations available.
Metallization with zinc/aluminum, pure zinc or pure aluminum makes great demands on filter safety. Our booths for metallization contains a number of special components that are approved and ideal for the harsh environment within metallization.

Key security features in metallization booths:

  1. A metallization booth is a robot cell which is safe evaluated from ISO standards concerning robot safety.

  2. We recommend an antistatic treatment of abrasion-resistant wall covering

  3. We recommend explosion proof lighting fixtures

  4. Ensure correct electrical grounding of all installed components

  5. Metallization dust must be collected in suitable containers and isolated from moisture

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