Equipment for shot blasting

Clemco Denmark offers a wide range of different shot blasting components to be used in any number of combinations suitable for many different applications in the field of shot blasting. The illustrated components can be built into an industrial system to suit the specific needs for shot blasting of steel structures.

Clemco Denmark provides ventilation solutions, starting from 2,000 m3/h up to 40,000 m3/h. Our ventilation solutions are available as mobile equipment to be used for outdoor projects as well as fixed installations in processing plants for shot blasting.

Clemco Denmark's products are enriched with decades of experience in the industry and is regularly checked for compliance with all directives and performance factors, to be sure that our equipment meets the requirements for the best possible environmental protection, cost-effectiveness and industrial performance.

Cleaning abrasives and safety

We provide several types of complete systems for cleaning and throughputs of abrasives. We provide two types of plants for collecting abrasives; either with scraper floor which is easy to maintain, or with a belt conveyor which is able to remove very large amounts of abrasives. Transportation from the pit to our effective wind screen and drum term system is done with vacuum suction, or with bucket elevator. Both systems are well proven and are fit with level meters to be able to control energy levels and savings.

The cleaning of abrasive is an important process to ensure that the correct roughness will be achieved during the entire blasting process. The smallest dust particles will be separated and collected in a filter.

The cleaned abrasive is transported to a silo from where it is automatically fed into the container of abrasive for reuse. We have solutions for automatic addition of new abrasives so that the roughness of the surface stays the same as the abrasive is wearing out due to many flows in the system.

Clemco robotic blast machine 300 liter dual chamber

The Clemco 300 liter blasting unit is a traditional blasting container, but with additional electrical and pneumatics components made for robotic blasting. The timing of the cycles between the blasting and loading is controlled by a PLC. The tank needs to be loaded with abrasive blasting media every 20 minutes of operation.

The air supply is prepared with 2” piping for the main air valve ensuring the pop-up system in the chamber to close faster which means less pressure loss. The valves ensure that the pressure is maintained constantly in the shot blasting system.

The blast cleaning process starts and stops by the robot, which is controlled in the blasting program.
On the user panel you can start and stop the blasting process to test the automatic blasting equipment. 

The amount of grit coming out of the nozzle is regulated on the abrasive valve on the bottom outlet of the blasting machine. The blasting pressure is controlled by the robot and can also the controlled on the operator panel at 2 set-point values. In practice the equipment can be installed with one 19mm venturi nozzle or two 19mm venturi nozzles. With one 19 mm nozzle the approx. cleaning time is 1,5 m2/min to SA 2½ with the Clemco Denmark robot solution. The roughness can be from 90-100μ to 120-150μ depending on grit size and abrasive material. Normally we will recommend a work mix of steel grit for robotic abrasive cleaning and steel surfaces.

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