Painting booth

Booths for spray painting

Spray painting steel structures such as wind towers requires a booth designed to accommodate the large workpieces in question. At Clemco Denmark we are specialists in designing and installing booths for robotic solutions.

Turnkey painting booths

The planning of a process plant demands experience in project management. We have already managed many big spray painting projects for some of the biggest manufacturers of wind turbines in the world.

When starting up a project like this our experienced project team performs a thorough review of the factory layout, local safety, environmental regulations and productivity requirements.

In some cases we can upgrade and improve an existing booth with a manual system. Please contact our technical department to explore the possibilities in your factory.

Booth for spray painting
Closeup of painted wind tower

Spray painting and safety

Surface treatment with spray painting, polyurethane and epoxy requires a deep understanding of the safety concens in question. All depending on the painting material you use in your production, it will create different types of dust which again requires specific demands for filter safety which can be adapted to the customers' requirements.

Clemco Denmark's products are enriched with decades of experience in the industry and is regularly checked for compliance with all directives and performance factors, to be sure that our equipment meets the requirements for the best possible environmental protection, cost-effectiveness and industrial performance.