Pumps for spray painting

Equipment for spray painting

Clemco Denmark has for many years delivered 2K and 3K painting systems to the surface treatment industry. Clemco Denmark’s supplier of these systems, Wiwa from Germany, has more than 60 years of experience within surface treatment

The spray painting system

One of the biggest advantages of using a multicomponent paint spraying system is that the components (base, hardener and process thinner) are automatically mixed just before the paint is sprayed on. This means that the system mixes the amount of paint needed, thus reducing waste. 

Wiwa has two types of multicomponent systems called Wiwa Fleximix and Wiwa Duomix. The difference between the two painting systems is that Wiwa Duomix has a fixed mixing ratio of hardener and base compared to a Wiwa Fleximix painting system with adjustable mixing ratio. Wiwa Fleximix has a built-in Omron PLC which can be programmed for the robot controller and can be programmed to, for example, add a thinner before the painting program is completed, in order to utilize the paint that is already in the high-pressure hoses. This can generate significant cost savings in the long run.

Wiwa fleximix painting system
Wiwa duomix painting system

Wiwa Duomix

The Wiwa Duomix airless painting system combines the advantages of continuous production and accurate, stable dosing with easy electronic operation and monitoring. Duomix is specifically suited for highly viscous materials and applications on large surface areas.

Wiwa Duomix is ​​a 2-component mixing unit known for its extremely high reliability and a relatively simple configuration with an air motor which controls the two pistons for base and hardener. The two components are mixed in a static mixing chamber that provides the complete mixing of the hardener and the base.

All parts that are in contact with the material are made of stainless steel and are crafted to require the lowest possible maintenance. They are easy to clean and will reduce material waste and solvent use, which makes the Duomix series highly durable and very economical.

Wiwa fleximix painting system

Wiwa Fleximix

A Wiwa Fleximix airless painting system has the advantage that you can set the mixing ratio of hardener and base so you do not need to change piston pump if you use paint systems with many different mixing ratios between base and hardener. The mixing ratio can be adjusted directly in the control display and mixing ratio is constantly monitored by an alarm system that reports an error if the mixing ratio does not comply with a very narrow tolerance. For robotic spray painting systems you will be able to control parameters such as paint temperature, mixing ratio, thinner consumption, adding process thinner to reduce the viscosity etc. This means that you are able to apply the paint much more uniform and with higher savings compared to a normal mixing system.

Clemco Denmark has a long experience in using Wiwa Fleximix for a 3-component system; you can add thinner directly into the paint to adjust the viscosity of the paint, for example for what concerns mist coating which is widely used on zinc/aluminum metallized surfaces. The thinner is applied at a given mixing ratio and the thinner is pumped directly to the mixer pipe where it is mixed with the base and hardener. This way you can achieve a very accurate control of the paint's viscosity and spraying characteristics.

Wiwa spray gun

Automatic spray gun for robotic solutions

The Wiwa 400 Airless Automatic spray gun is designed with a pneumatic controlled needle. The ATEX approved solenoid valve controls this open/close function. In addition, a pressure sensor is installed outside the spray booth to provide data for checking for a uniform spray pattern. The spray gun is equipped with a tungsten carbide spray tip. We expect the spray tip’s orifice to be between 0,013” – 0,021”.

The Wiwa 400 automatic gun is equipped with a material return flow connection and can be used either with or without circulation. In order to ensure that the robot spray gun can be flushed safely we will install a service dump pot. This dump pot will be made in stainless steel and is ground wired to eliminate static electricity.