Turntable solution for shotblasting

This solution includes a wall mounted robot for shot blasting and a turntable as an integrated part of the robotic system. 
An alternative solution to the robotic gantry system is a wall mounted blasting robot that has an integrated turntable to step wise turning the steel structures during the blasting operation. The turntable can be used as a wagon and a workpiece fixture and be fully integrated into the safety/control system of the robotic solution meaning that the position of the wagon can be fully controlled by the robotic controller as an additional axis.

The system can be programmed to run all work pieces according to the customer’s specifications. 

  1. Advantages of using a wall mounted robotic blasting solution:
  2. The price of the robotic solution is less compared to the gantry type
  3. The wall mounted solution will not require an elevation of the blasting chamber roofing
  4. The installation time is shorter and the cost of programming is reduced compared to the gantry type robot
  5. Maintenance is easier compared to a gantry type robot
  6. The overall running cost reduces compared to a gantry type robot












The standard ABB industrial robot is mounted on a track and can travel up, down and sideways with servo axes. The moving axis are protected by an independent rubber suit, and the servomotors itself is protected by covers. Appropriate abrasive protection is achieved by a rubber protection suit that shields the robot from the abrasive media. The robot can therefore handle workpieces both inside and outside.

Frederik Nielsen

"Perhaps a turntable solutions is next step for your company to automize your corrosion protection processes."

Frederik Nielsen CEO, Clemco Denmark A/S

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A robotic solution for surface treatment from Clemco Denmark is based on a combination of 70 years of experience in surface preparation and the latests robotic motion programming. That is how we have managed to create some of the best robotic solutions for shotblasting, metallizing and spray painting of very large steel structures such as wind turbine towers. Get into the details of our technical information, our booths solutions and equipment.

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