Sand blasting robot

Turntable solution for shot blasting

The turntable solution consists of a wall-mounted blasting robot that has an integrated turntable that rotates the steel structures step wise during the blasting operation. The turntable can be used as a wagon and a workpiece fixture and be fully integrated into the safety/control system of the robotic solution, meaning that the position of the wagon can be fully controlled by the robotic controller as an additional axis.

Advantages of the turntable solution

The ABB robot is mounted on a track and can travel up, down and sideways with servo axes. The moving axis is protected by an independent rubber suit, and the servo motor itself is protected by covers. The robot can therefore handle workpieces both inside and outside.

  • The system can be programmed to run all work pieces according to the customer’s specifications
  • The price of this solution is often less compared to a gantry solution
  • A wall-mounted solution does not require an elevation of the roof in the blasting chamber
  • Shorter installation time and reduced costs for programming
  • Easy maintenance
  • Overall running costs are reduced compared to a gantry type robot
Turntable solution for shot blasting

Gantry solution for shot blasting

An alternative to the turntable is our gantry solution. This is ideal for smaller items and for blasting areas that are typically hard to reach.