We believe that our experience within the field of surface treatment mixed with a robots persistency and accuracy is what it takes to become a world leader of robotic solutions within anticorrosion. 

Quick facts about robotic metallization

  1. The metallization process is very suitable for robotic solutions.
  2. Robots are slowly taking over the metallization work to avoid human involvement.
  3. For the best anti-corrosion result we suggest using alloy 85% zinc/15% aluminum.
  4. We use Osu Hessler metallizing equipment for our robotic solutions.
  5. We recommend to use inverter based power sources if the program requires multiple start/stop operations.
  6. The spray pattern can be controlled from a circular spray fan to an elliptical shape in-situ.
  7. The zinc wire consumption can be reduced by 30% when using our robotic metallization system

Our standard robotic solutions for metallization








With our in-house developed
robotic manipulator arm
for metallizing wind
turbine tower sections
ou will be able to metallize
your elements at a fracture of
the time compared to manual




The picture above shows a cart solution at a customer producing wind turbine tower sections for the wind power industry. It is a complete metallization solution taylored for this specific customer and was installed in their current premises.

Frederik Nielsen

"Metallizing with robots is a good investment economically. Please call me if you want to know more."

Frederik Nielsen CEO, Clemco Denmark

Metallizing with robot

Clemco Denmark's technical department is involved from the very beginning during the planning process and follows the project very closely untill the robot is up and running. When setting up the entire system and programming the robots, it is our own engineers commissioning it, and because of that we have total control throughout the entire project. This video is from one of our customers who until a few months ago had operators to metallize the wind turbine towers, and can now expect to metallize much faster and of a very uniform quality when using the robotic solution.

Get into the detail about our robotic solutions

A robotic solution for surface treatment from Clemco Denmark is based on a combination of 70 years of experience in surface preparation and the latests robotic motion programming. That is how we have managed to create some of the best robotic solutions for shotblasting, metallizing and spray painting of very large steel structures such as wind turbine towers. Get into the details of our technical information, our booths solutions and equipment.

Robotic metallization of steel surfaces

Metallizing is an anti-corrosion treatment where molten metal is sprayed at high speed onto the surface to be protected. For the best anticorrosion result, a 99.9% pure zinc wire or an alloy of 85% zinc and 15% aluminum is preferable to use.  The zinc instantly solidifies upon contact with the surface and creates a coating that protects the steel through the means of insulation and sacrificial action. As a result of this electrochemical process, the less noble metal, in this case zinc, will corrode instead of the steel.

This process is very suitable for an automatic routine with robots. The metallization process itself is hazardous because of the creation of a high percentage of dust consisting of zinc wjhich cannot be transferred to the steel surface. This dust is flammable and can create a high risk of explosions under very special circumstances. We see a great tendency towards robots taking over the metallization work to avoid personal involvement.

Programming the robot for your special needs

To get to the point, where the robotic solution is up and running, usually  takes some programmning hours. Clemco Denmark has some very skilled people to do the programming and our technical department is far ahead of their time. For what concerns development and technical intelligence our technicians have been into automation solutions and robotic systems within surface treatment for more than a decade, so they know what they talk about.

When the robot is installed the programming team shows up, and make the robot do, what the robot has to do.

Zinc wire feeding

For optimizing the wire feeding line we have developed a special low friction wire transferring system with the use of extremely low friction liners and ball bearing rollers to reduce the friction as much as possible. The wire can be fed with a pneumatic driven wire feeder to reduce the service time when a new metallization wire needs to be replaced.

The fastening of the wire feeder lines, power source and air hose requires a stable and durable system to avoid service breakdowns and excessive maintenance attention. Therefore, we use special solutions for cable attachment to the robot arm and a thorough test simulation of the robotic movements before the high-flexible cables is attached to the robot.

Rune Nørgaard

"Need more information about metallizing with robots? Give me a call."

Rune Nørgaard Clemco Danmark A/S

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