We believe that our experience within the field of surface treatment mixed with a robots persistency and accuracy is what it takes to deliver the world's best and most efficient protective coating application to our customers.

Quick facts

  1. Clemco Denmark specializes in protective coating application with robots.
  2. Our robotic systems can be adapted to coating applications of large steel structures.
  3. We have developed our own track system for extended reach of an industrial paint robot.
  4. For our robotic painting systems we integrate a mixing unit with integration to the robotic controler. 
  5. Our robotic paint systems can be integrated with conveyor lines
  6. We can offer plural component systems for controlling the paint viscosity or color change.  

Our standard robotic solution for spray painting





Clemco Denmark has designed a system for robotic spray painting of wind tower sections. The system offers a fast and uncomplicated automated spray paint process with the most common paint materials for protective coating used in the wind energy industry. 




The picture above shows the types of robots that we use for our spray painting solutions around the world. Our customers include some of the biggest manufacturers of wind turbine towers and within the off-shore industry.

Frederik Nielsen

"Spray painting with robots is a good investment economically. Please call me if you want to know more."

Frederik Nielsen CEO, Clemco Denmark

Get into the detail about our robotic solutions

A robotic solution for surface treatment from Clemco Denmark is based on a combination of 70 years of experience in surface preparation and the latests robotic motion programming. That is how we have managed to create some of the best robotic solutions for shotblasting, metallizing and spray painting of very large steel structures such as wind turbine towers. Get into the details of our technical information, our booths solutions and equipment.

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