Clemco Denmark specializes in protective coating application with robots. Our robotic systems can be adapted to coating applications of large steel structures.

Spray painting with robots

We have developed our own track system for extended reach of an industrial paint robot. For our robotic painting systems we integrate a mixing unit with integration to the robotic controler. Our robotic paint systems can be integrated with conveyor lines, and we offer plural component systems for controlling the paint viscosity or color change.


Advantages using robots for spray painting

  • Improvement of working environment
  • Optimization of production time
  • Consistent surface quality
  • Controlling overlaps
  • Savings in paint
  • Less masking needed
Robot spray painting wind tower

Experts in industrial painting

Clemco Denmark has delivered 2K and 3K painting systems to the surface treatment industry for many years. Our supplier of these systems, Wiwa from Germany, has more than 60 years of experience within surface treatment and has always been two steps ahead compared to other painting system companies when it comes to paint spraying equipment and painting processes.

We have extensive experience in corrosion protection, and know everything about the use of these plants, as many of our customers are manufacturers or suppliers to the offshore and wind turbine industry.

Cart solution for spray painting

At Clemco Denmark we are specialized in developing solutions for the wind industry. We have designed a system for robotic spray painting of wind tower sections. The system offers a fast and uncomplicated automated spray paint process with the most common paint materials for protective coating used in the wind energy industry.

Booths for spray painting

Clemco Denmark offers turnkey booths for spray painting large steel structures, such as wind tower sections. We handle the project planning from start to finish. In addition we can upgrade your current painting booth with a robotic system. 

Equipment for painting

For our spray painting robotic system we use high quality equipment to ensure an optimized painting process. Our inhouse experts have a vast knowledge about paint material and painting equipment.