Robotic shot blasting solution


Clemco Denmark is a leading supplier of equipment for shot blasting and we have more than 70 years of experience within this field. Our automated solutions for shot blasting deliver a high level of reliability, longevity and safety.

Shot blasting and abrasive cleaning with robots

At Clemco Denmark we have a deep understanding of the abrasive cleaning process, achieved from our many projects over the years. In other words, we know when a certain surface roughness and cleanness creates the correct surface preparation for a following zinc/aluminum metallization process. Each process – being shot blasting, metallization or spray painting – is carried out to achieve the best conditions for the steel structure to go to the next coating step. For us, programming a robot is the easy part. What requires most knowledge is the shot blasting process itself.

When coating clean steel structures with a zinc/aluminum coating you get a cathodic protection on the steel surface which prevents future corrosion. It sounds simple, but it requires an in-depth understanding of the shot blasting process itself, the steel abrasive recycling and cleaning as well as building rigid and long-lasting systems.

Sand blasting robot system

Robotic solutions for shot blasting

Clemco Denmark offers different turnkey solutions for shot blasting wind turbine towers and casted items. Our solutions are customized to fit the needs of each customer, based on our two robotic systems.

Gantry for shot blasting

The gantry solution is the most versatile robotic platform for blasting steel structures, such as large casted steel elements or thick plate welded parts.

Turntable for shot blasting

An alternative solution to the gantry system is a wall-mounted blasting robot with an integrated turntable that rotates the steel structures stepwise during the blasting operation.

Shot blasting equipment

Clemco Denmark is a leading expert in surface preparation, and we have a wide product range with all equipment needed for shot blasting. We offer everything from large ventilation solutions and blast champers to protective gear and abrasives.

Booths for shot blasting

Clemco Denmark has a long history of designing and building shot blasting booths for surface preparation. Within recent years we have integrated robotic systems into these booths, to offer a turnkey automated booth or upgrade an existing booth with a robotic system.