Choose high quality steel abrasives to save costs

Our customers often tell us that they can buy steel grit and steel shot much cheaper elsewhere.  This is true and we know it. We also know that price is determined by quality. 

Globally, there are several manufacturers of steel abrasives. As a customer, choosing the right abrasive for your application might be confusing.  Prices vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, some of which are more expensive than others. That is a fact.

At Clemco Denmark, we sell all types of abrasive for shot blasting, for all kinds of surface treatment.  We have chosen all our suppliers from a very high-quality perspective.  We know that our customers need the highest-quality abrasive, to enable them to deliver the very highest standard of surface treatment.   We have carefully tested and selected our steel abrasives with the objective of maximising our customers’ productivity, as well as to ensure that they achieve a consistently-uniform surface finish on their workpieces after blast cleaning.

Quality is created before and during manufacturing

It is before and during abrasive manufacture that the highest quality is created.  Put simply, the more controlled the manufacturing-process, the higher the quality.  The key factors in achieving this are:

  1. Steel chemistry, through raw-material selection and ferroalloy additions
  2. Tight process-control during melting, hardening and tempering
  3. Rapid rate of (water) quenching after the hardening-process, for optimum microstructure
  4. Narrow tolerance of particle grading (sizing), to ensure consistent hardness after heat treatment

The benefit for customers is improved productivity of their blasting-process, due primarily to :

  1. Increased abrasive life
  2. Increased cleaning-speed and/or reduced machine power consumption
  3. Reduced dust generation, leading to improved machine-part life
  4.  More consistent quality of surface-finish and/or reduced reblast rates

Hence, it makes sound economic sense to select high-quality steel abrasives over lower-quality alternatives, even though the purchase price may be higher.

The picture above is from the manufacturer of very high-quality steel abrasives, Ervin Amasteel, from where we get our steel abrasives.

Below, we explain the benefits of using high-quality steel abrasives from Clemco Denmark A/S.

Morten Snede

"Contact me if you want to save costs by choosing the right steel abrasive for your specific production."

Morten Snede Clemco Danmark A/S

Benefits of using high-quality steel abrasives from Clemco Denmark A/S

Reduction in abrasive consumption:

  1. High-quality abrasives are recycled significantly more times in the blasting-equipment, hence last longer than cheaper abrasives, due to their optimum chemistry and microstructure.  In addition, less dust is generated by high-quality abrasives during operation.  The presence of dust accelerates blasting-equipment wear: less dust = longer life.

Higher productivity achieved:

  1. When a high-quality abrasive product’s operating-mix (particle-size distribution) is balanced in the blasting-equipment, the efficiency and effectiveness of the cleaning-process is increased.A balanced operating-mix maximises coverage of the workpiece, which allows the abrasive to transfer its kinetic energy evenly across the entire target surface, resulting in a better quality of clean and a reduction in blasting-time.This leads, accordingly, to a reduction in consumption of both power and compressed air.

Reduction of wear on shotblasting equipment

  1. With a higher-quality abrasive, the rate of blasting is faster; that is to say, the time required to blast each workpiece is shorter.  Consequently, machine operating-time and, therefore, wear on expensive machine parts are both reduced.


Consistent Surface Finish

  1. Using high-quality abrasives, you achieve a more reliable degree of cleanliness, roughness and peak count across the whole surface of your workpieces after blast cleaning.  This is because high-quality abrasives have superior consistency, in terms of size, hardness and overall operating-performance and are, therefore, more controllable during blasting, by means of sieve analysis.

You always get the same high quality

  1. Our steel grit and steel shot are always of the same high quality. Our abrasives comply with, and exceed, the relevant, internationally-recognised SAE standards for grading, hardness and chemistry.


Reduction in dust generation

  1. High-quality abrasives break down more slowly, resulting in less dust being generated during blast cleaning.  In other words, the volume of dust is significantly reduced when blasting with a consistently-high quality of steel grit and steel shot.  This has the added benefit of reducing internal wear on your blasting-equipment, since the presence of dust accelerates wear inside any blasting-system.


Local technical support

  1. Clemco Denmark provides technical support and advice, in order to reduce our customers’ process costs.  This includes running/supervising controlled trials, in order to measure cost benefits and to identify optimum abrasive products.  We are here to support our customers in any way we can, for as long as we are supplying you.


Niels Jüngling

"Please contact me if you want to minimise your costs and maximise your productivity when shotblasting."

Niels Jüngling Clemco Danmark A/S

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