Clemco Denmark is joining the future's intelligent industry within surface treatment of wind turbine towers

Throughout the last two years Clemco Denmark has developed a robotic system for surface treatment of wind turbine towers. The system consists of a four-axis robot solution including a manipulator arm, which is able to surface treat big tower sections measuring up to 36 meters in length and up to 8 meters in diameter, and they weigh up to 250 tons. Typically, the towers are conical, and there are some areas that do not have to be surface treated, such as manholes. The tower sections are used for the off-shore wind turbine installations in corrosion category C5 environments.

To be able to make a great surface treatment some relatively large surface treatment equipment is needed for performing both shot blasting, metallization with zinc / aluminum for corrosion protection, and the finishing paint application with epoxy and polyurethane based systems. Furthermore, it is possible to mount a six-axis robot on the surface treatment equipment, for the opportunity to allow an industrial robot to run along an external axis along the entire tower section. This allows you to save even more paint or metallization wire, as the overlaps are utilized most optimal.

Data collection

In order to meet the opportunities within Industry 4.0 it is important that Clemco Denmark is constantly becoming more and more aware of how our customers most efficiently can surface treat their steel structures using a robot solution. To be able to do so, we need to collect data concerning energy consumption, airflow and material consumption. These data are very important knowledge to be able to optimize the surface treatment. We collect data during:

  • Shot blasting (pressure and airflow)
  • Metallization with zinc (electric power, input and output phase curves, material consumption)
  • Spray painting (flow, paint viscosity, spray pressure)

These parameters are all important for analysis to provide unique knowledge of how the optimal settings are for each parameter, to obtain great material and energy savings in the production of large steel structures.


Industry 4.0 will support Clemco Denmark’s export of automated surface treatment of large steel structures. Our solutions will provide higher and more uniform quality of surfaces, as we are able to use and map large amounts of process data within, for example, metallization where we collect data on: Ampere consumption, airflow, wire speed, wire consumption, and Voltage.

The development we see today will strengthen companies like Clemco Denmark to constantly being innovative and develop flexible and personalized solutions. With these solutions Clemco Denmark will push the industry forward into the right direction by developing our unique knowledge within surface treatment of large steel constructions.

Frederik Nielsen

"We have great experience within automised robotic solutions for surface treatment of large steel structures - you want to get more information? Please call me!"

Frederik Nielsen CEO, Clemco Denmark

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