Brunvoll is installing an automated robotic solution for surface cleaning

New facilities for robotic department

Robotic system for shot blasting

The Norwegian company Brunvoll is a high-tech provider of sustainable propulsion and maneuvering systems for the maritime industry. Serving the global maritime sector, Brunvoll is dedicated to exploring new perspectives and innovative solutions to make the maritime industry more efficient and sustainable, and also see this project as an investment as a part of ensuring the recruitment of young people for the surface trade in the future, and ensuring good HSE for the employees.

On this picture we have just made a successful FAT (Factory Acceptance Test) test at our facilities in Denmark, the commissioning and SAT (Site Acceptance Test) at Brunvoll’s site are scheduled in a few weeks. 

At present, a team of highly skilled technicians from Clemco Denmark is on-site at Brunvoll, Norway, working on the installation of a dual robotic blasting system. Designed for precision blasting of structures in various sizes, this system integrates blasting equipment with two ABB Robots, each mounted on a large three-axis motorized rotation system. Each system is guided by laser sensors, allowing each ABB robot to blast clean a wider work envelope accurately. Our robot system performs the blasting of structures up to 18 meters in length and 4 meters in height, operating day and night without human intervention. The solution promises increased productivity, efficiency, and higher blasting quality.

From a customer request to a fully operating robotic solution

From the initial customer request to a fully operating robotic solution, we at Clemco Denmark consider the project’s scale and specific requirements. As a leading provider of robots and advanced robotic blasting systems for large structures, we serve both the onshore and offshore markets. For the Brunvoll project, our team has crafted the system comprehensively, covering everything from hardware to software design and implementation. The goal is to ensure high-quality blasting, regardless of the size and material of the part being blasted. To guarantee success for all stakeholders, our primary focus is on maintaining a close and collaborative relationship with our customers throughout the entire process. Consistent communication, the exchange of experiences, and the sharing of ideas play crucial roles in the project’s overall success.

New facilities for robotic department
New facilities for robotic department

Quality control and testing are important for the success of our projects

In collaboration with Brunvoll, mirroring our standard procedure for all projects, we carried out extensive testing to guarantee the delivery of high-quality solutions. Extensive testing occurred at our facilities in Denmark before project delivery. To ensure project success, we conduct a Factory Acceptance Test together with our client's presence, whether in-person or online.

For the Brunvoll project, we welcomed a team of specialists for the test at our facilities in Denmark, ensuring each part of the system, along with the overall functionality, operates as intended. This is always followed by commissioning and SAT at our client’s locations worldwide.