Clemco Denmark offers a free lifecycle test of your steel abrasives

One of the biggest savings within shot blasting can be achieved by using the right kind of abrasives with the longest life cycle providing minimal dust during the shot blasting proces. Dust is one of the major culprits when it comes to wear on your abrasive blasting equipments. It has a great ability to turn into turbulence in metal and suction hoses, and is wearing on seals, nozzles and of course wear on the cast iron hoses. To avoid dust from steel abrasives, it is important to get it sorted right from a wind sieve or cyclone, but it is also important that the steel grit or steel shot are of a certain quality making the least possible dust during the abrasive shot blasting process.

In Clemco Denmark, we sell steel grit and steel shots from Ervin Amasteel producing abrasive in a very high quality and with a very long life cycle compared to plain steel grit that degraded much faster during the shot blasting process, which also formed significantly more dust because of lower alloy and hardening . The production of high quality abrasives is a very sophisticated process where you pour liquid steel directly into the water, then the steel "atomizes" and becomes perfectly round balls of many different sizes, and then they are subsequently sieved and devided into the different categories of sizes. A large amount of the shots are crushed and therefore become grit which has sharp edges and is therefore more suitable for shot blasting for achieving a better roughness in the surface structure, for a following metallization of the surface.

We expand our offer by launching a test of steel abrasives for achieving a better economy. With our life cycle test, we can measure if there is room for improvement by switching to a steel abrasives with increased longevity. Normally, it is possible to increase the lifespan from between 20 % to 60 % by using our steel grit and steel shots instead of competing alternatives.


We offer you to send us a sample of your current abrasives and we will make a report on your abrasives' life span calculated from the number of flows it is being used before it is broken down to small particles that it is no longer useful as abrasives.
If you want us to make a test, you are welcome to contact us directly on telephone +45 7013 1030, and a salesman will inform you about the optimal use of your abrasives, and take a smaller sample (about ½ kg) of your steel grit or shots to test the life cycle, energy transfer and cleaning ability.

We look forward to help you with our knowledge of abrasives as well as to offer you the best steel abrasives on the market, and will undoubtedly give you an improved economy.

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