Return on investment

A robotic solution is an investment, and depending on the size of a complete solution it is sometimes quite a big investment. But it is also a very good investment economically. After only a very short period of time it is obious that the solution is cost saving compared to manual shot blasting. We will of course help you calculate the exact savings for your specific production. Several of our customers request a second and a third solution to expand their production with further robotic solutions from Clemco Denmark, which is another good argument for including robots in a surface treatment production line.


Advantages using robots instead of manpower

  1. A robot is not as expensive as many people think
  2. Improvement of working environment
  3. Optimization of production time
  4. Consistent surface quality
  5. Savings in energy
  6. Savings in compact air
  7. Savings in consumption of blast media
  8. Less masking needed
  9. Robotic solutions do not mind long working hours
  10. A robot is not on the monthly salery list

Frederik Nielsen

"Please call me if you want to know more about the many advantages when investing in a robotic solution."

Frederik Nielsen CEO, Clemco Denmark

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