At Clemco Denmark we offer service and maintenance 24/7

Service and maintenance of painting systems
We perform service and maintenance of your painting systems and has over 3,000 spare parts on stock for what concerns both Wiwa and Graco painting pumps. If your need is urgent replacement, we are usually able to offer a temporary painting system allowing you to continue your paint job immediately and without delay.

Service and maintenance of abrasive blasting equipment
We are the only official Danish distributor of Clemco shot blasting equipment, and we provide the best service and original spare parts providing a significantly longer life span of Clemco systems and plants. In most cases, we deliver new equipment and spare parts within 24 hours on weekdays (inside Denmark). Our skilled service team always bring most spare parts for the repair of your sand blasting equipment.

Service and maintenance of metallization equipment
Clemco Denmark is by far the largest distributor of metallization equipment and we have almost 30 years of experience. We maintain all kinds of metallization equipment - from the ordinary 300 Ampere units up to the largest and most powerful 1000 Ampere systems with inverter technology.

Service and maintenance contracts to wheel blasting machines
Through our many years of experience of wheel blasting we offer service contracts for maintenance of wheel blasting machines. We offer periodical reviews making it possible to clarify urgent needs, if any, for maintenance as well as long-term needs. This gives a better chance to prevent sudden production downtime and a more economical servicing of your wheel blasting machine.

Contact us on +45 7013 1030 if you want to know more about our service programs.


Service Agreements
Clemco Denmark has an expert team of five people associated with our service department. Besides common and daily repairs of shot blasting, metallization and airless paint equipment, we offer service contracts for companies who are depending on a production without interruptions.

A service contract may include planned maintenance on the following types of equipment:

  • Airless paint equipment from Wiwa and Graco
  • Wheel blasting machines regardless the manufacturer
  • Metallization equipment from OSU Hessler and Thermion
  • Shot blasting equipment and shot blasting cabinets from Clemco and Zero
  • Equipment from Munkebo Clemco of any kind
  • General maintenance and renovation of abrasive blasting and paint cabinets

We are the only authorized distributors of Wiwa, Graco CED, Osu Hessler, Zero, Clemco, OMSG and Munkebo Clemco, and we participate of course on maintenance courses at our suppliers'. Every year our service team use approximately 35-40 man-days of training being able to maintain our high standard of servicing and repairing the equipment we sell.

With a service cotract it is possible to perform a complete maintenance plan, approved by the manufacturer's instructions and to ensure the customer security against breakdowns.

Please contact Allan Pedersen on telephone +45 2165 1784 if you want more information about a service contract.

Dennis Pedersen

"Har du brug for service på et anlæg, eller har du brug for at få lavet en serviceaftale, så ring til mig."

Dennis Pedersen Clemco Danmark A/S


Dennis Pedersen

"Har du brug for service på et anlæg, eller har du brug for at få lavet en serviceaftale, så ring til mig."

Dennis Pedersen Clemco Danmark A/S

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