Technical information about automated robotic shot blasting

For our robotic shot blasting solutions we are working together with ABB, who produces some of the best robots in the world. We have chosen the model ABB IRB 6700-300 for our shot blasting solutions which is the highest performing robot in the 300 kilogram class. It reaches up to 3 meters, and is available as floor or wall mounted or inverted versions.

The entire robot structure is strengthened with high rigidity, resulting in increased accuracy, shorter cycle time and better protection. Furthermore this robot is built to withstand the harshest working environments, which is one of the main reasons why we have chosen the IRB 6700. This model has also been validated and tested over and over againg to ensure that the predictions for reliability is accurate in the real world.

Simplified maintenance is also one of the aspects to take into concideration when chosing a robot. Time of service and repair has over the last generations of this robot model been reduced by 15%. 

Access to motors has also been improved and technical documentation for maintenance has become easier to read and understand through the use of improved graphics and 3D simulations called “Simstructions.”

Read about the Clemco robotic blast machine 300 liter Dual Chamber to use together with the robotic shot blasting process.

During shot blasting the robot is covered by a special protection suit to protect it from dust. The protection cover is made of a very resistent material. Some parts of the cover is more exposed to grit recoil and dust generated from the shot blasting process. It is therefore interchangeble in sections. Instead of changing the entire cover every time some areas are warned out, it is only necessary to replace the most warned out sections. The sections and/or the entire cover can easily be replaced due to the smart design.

Facts about our robotic solution using an ABB IRB 6700 robot:

  1. Can be delivered with a 360 degree rotational axis (turntable) which is able to handle heavy steel structures of up to 35 tons
  2. Can be delviered as an inverted 8 axis gantry blasting robot
  3. Very efficient blasting time
  4. 100 % automatic 

Facts about the easy programming of the ABB IRB 6700 robot:

  1. Adjustable air pressure directly on a touch screen
  2. Adjustable distance between blast nozzle and surface
  3. Adjustable blasting speed 
  4. Swiping blasting pattern of the blast nozzle for optimal cleaning
  5. Flowmeter for meassurement of blast media consumption and control

Working range for ABB IRB 6700-300 / ABB IRB 6700-300 inv. robots

Our standard robotic solutions and our expertise is to develop robotic systems with an extended working range using our in house developed external axes that significantly extend the range of a standard industrial robot. Below is the actual range of the ABB IRB 6700-300 robot that can be adapted to the customer's needs by applying our external axes for extended reach. 


These high performing robots in the 300 kilogram class are quite flexible, reliable and very accurate. Below you see the working range of the ABB IRB 6700-300 inv. robot. It has a slightly different movement when hanging from the roof : 


Rune Nørgaard

"I am very much into the details about these robots. Please call me if you need more information."

Rune Nørgaard Clemco Danmark A/S

Features and benefits with ABB IRB 6700-300 / ABB IRB 6700-300 inv.

For shot blasting we always use ABB foundry version robots as these robots have a higher density class than other robots of its kind. And what is just as important is that they are built to withstand the harshest working environments.

  1. Increased service intervals and decreased service times
  2. Longer up-times - mean time between faileres : 400.000 hours
  3. Available with LeanID for cost effectively increasing dress pack lifetimes
  4. More robust with a rigid structure and a new generation of motors and compact gearboxes
  5. Increased speed and shorter cycle times - in average 5 percent faster
  6. Improved accuracy and higher payloads

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